Підручник Англійська мова 5 клас для спеціалізованих шкіл з поглибленним вивченням англійської мови - Л.В. Калініна - Генеза 2018 рік

Unit One: We are a Family

1:3. What are you like?

Word Bank

Phrase Bank

Communication Box


to have a sense

Please, meet …


of humour

That’s his/her minus.


to boast of sth


to be proud of smb


to have a good head


a librarian

a journalist

a bank manager sociable

for something

I. Conversation Warm-up

If you want to know about yourself, do the character quiz and say what character you have.

1. Are you often late?

2. Do you always tell the truth?

3. Do you like to help your friends?

4. Do you like to communicate with people?

5. Are you often angry?

6. Do you spend much time on your homework?

7. Do you often say «Please» and «Thank you»?

Example: I am never late for classes. I’m punctual.

II. Pronunciation Warm-up

Listen to/read the poem about manners and practise the sounds /і:/ and /еі/. Say how much it is true about you.


We say «Thank you»,

We say «Please»,

And «Excuse me»

When we sneeze.

That’s the way

We do what’s right.

We have manners

We’re polite.

Helen H. Moore

III. Grammar Smart

1. Play a grammar comparison game.









Example: Kate is kind.

Helen is kinder.

Ann is the kindest.

2. Match the pictures to their descriptions (p. 30).

3. Say who is the busiest, the kindest, the smartest, the most hard-working, the most helpful in your family. Why?

Example: My grandma is the busiest person in my family because she has lots of things to do about the house.

Go to Ex. 11-12 of your Workbook

IV. Word Smart

1. Read Ann’s new post in her blog and say what she likes or dislikes in her cousins’ characters.

Please, meet my cousins, Kate and Mike.

Kate is the greatest reader in the family. She regularly goes to the library to exchange books. Her mother is a librarian and a good one at that. As for her dad he is a teacher of literature. They often speak about books at home.

We often talk about reading. Kate is the most intelligent person I know. She has a remarkable sense of humour. However, she is a modest girl, she never boasts of what she knows.

My boy-cousin Mike is the most optimistic person in my family. He is much more reliable than others. Besides, he is a very smart guy. He has a better head for computers than I do. No wonder, his dad is a computer programmer and he helps him a lot. But sometimes he is badly-organized. That is his minus … .

My mum is Kate’s aunt. She is a journalist and often writes articles about family’s traditions. In her last article she described ’reading parties’ of Kate’s family. I was proud of my mum and Kate’s family.

As for my dad he is a bank manager. He is very sociable and everybody likes him. I adore him too. I want to be like my parents.




3. Complete Ann’s post in her blog.

I love my cousins because … . I think Kate is the … . I know. Mike is … than … . They both … . They are the most … in our family. I am proud of … . As for my parents … I adore …

At Home:

Make a post in your blog about your parents.

V. Time to Read

1. Read the story about an English boy, William Brown, and answer the questions.

1. Is he polite or impolite?

2. Is he well-organized or badly-organized?

3. Is he reasonable or unreasonable?


Everybody is eating when William says, «There is a circus in the town today!»

«Don’t talk with your mouth full», says Mr Brown.

«Ethel, please pass the bread to your father. What are you saying, William, dear?» says Mrs Brown. William says again, «There is a circus in the town. I want to go to the circus!»

«But you cannot, dear», says his mother. «The circus is here only for this afternoon and evening, and you have your dancing lesson this afternoon …».

«Well, then, I can go to the circus after my dancing lesson,» William says.

«You know, dear, Grandfather and Aunt Rose are coming this evening. They will stay with us for a week and so we cannot go out the first evening that they come. It will not be polite,» answers William’s mother.

«Well, they will stay here for a week. Can’t I go out for one evening? Aunt Rose will be very glad if I am not at home. I know she doesn’t like me. She …»

«William,» says Mr Brown, «you can’t go to the circus this evening». The circus begins after eight o’clock, and you must be in bed at half past nine. You must go to school tomorrow. And now stop talking and go to school. You will miss your dancing lesson».

polite - impolite

well-organized - badly-organized

reasonable - unreasonable

See First Aid Kit: Word Building 1, p. 236

2. Choose the right word.

Example: William promises to do everything in time. He is … ( well-organized/badly-organized ). —» He is badly-organized.

1. William talks with his mouth full. He is … (well-bred/ ill-bred).

2. William argues with his mother. He is … (polite/impolite).

3. William gives his reasons for going to the circus. He is … (reasonable/unreasonable).

4. Aunt Rose doesn’t like William. She is … (friendly/unfriendly).

5. William’s grandfather always helps him. He is … (reliable/ unreliable).

3. Read out the sentences about:

• Mr Brown’s / Mrs Brown’s / Aunt Rose’s character.

4. Say what you are like. Use the phrses:

• I think I am …

• My mum says …

• My friends call me …

• My teachers believe that …

• In brother’s/sister’s opinion I …

Go to Ex. 13-14 of your Workbook

VI. Time to Communicate

1. Act as William and give your reasons for going to the circus.

to want to go to the circus

to go to the dancing lesson

to stay for a week

2. Act as William’s elder sister Ethel and describe your brother’s character.

to be polite

to be reasonable

to be in bed at half past nine

3. In pairs, talk about William’s family as in the pattern.


A: I think William’s mother is too strict.

B: Sure, because ….

A: As for his father, he … .

B: Yes, he always agrees with ….

A: What do you think of …?

B: She is … and ….

A: Do you like …?

В: I do. He is a good boy.

VII. Time to Write

Write what kind of person you want to be. Use the plan below:

… intelligent?

… well-bred?

… reliable?

… well-organized?

… with a remarkable sense of humour?

… helpful?

… reasonable?

Go to Ex. 15 of your Workbook

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