Підручник Англійська мова 5 клас для спеціалізованих шкіл з поглибленним вивченням англійської мови - Л.В. Калініна - Генеза 2018 рік

Unit One: We are a Family

1:4. What do your friends and you like?

Word Bank

Phrase Bank

Communication Box


to go sightseeing

It’s a habit with …


to be in the list of likes

I can’t do without …


from time to time


to go picnicking

out in the open

at smb’s invitation

to have the time of one’s life

I. Conversation Warm-up

Look and say what these families like to do together.

Example: This family likes hiking together…

II. Pronunciation Warm-up

— Listen to/read the character poem and practise the sound /ɒ/. Which do you more often say: «I’ll try» or «I can’t»?


The little boy who says «I’ll try»,

Will climb to the hilltop;

The little boy who says «I can’t»,

Will at the bottom stop.

III. Function Smart

Read and learn to talk about your likes. Look at the pictures and fill in the mini-dialogues.

a) - What’s your hobby?

Music. I like … at my family reunions.

to play the piano

b) - What is your favourite pastime?

- Sports. … is in my list of likes.

We often go to the pool together.


c) - How do you like …?

- We can play some from time to time.

computer games

d) - Reading is something I can’t do without.

- Not me. I prefer … with my family.

to watch videos

Go to Ex. 16-17 of your Workbook

IV. Word-smart

1. Look at the children’s popular pastime chart and say which your friends and you prefer.


Example: Reading is something my friends and I can’t do without.

2. Read the rhyme and find the pastime words. Rank them in order of importance to you and say what «healthy rest» and «healthy leisure» is for you.


Pastime means a lot of pleasure,

Healthy rest and healthy leisure,

Reading, playing, going for a walk,

And over-a-cup-of-tea talk.

3. When Helen stayed in England with the Collinses, she learnt a lot about their family pastime. Read her notes and complete her diary entry.

5 o’clock tea - inviting guests for tea

Sunday picnic - having a picnic out in the open on Sunday

weekend trip - travelling at the weekend

family party - an English family getting together for dinner on Sunday.

Dear diary,

It’s a habit with the Collinses to have … from time to time on weekdays. At the weekend, they prefer to go on a … or to have …. Sometimes they take a … and do a lot of sightseeing. I like the Collinses’ …. And you?

At Home:

Make a list of your friends’ pastimes and fill in the «How Often?» Chart.


From time to time


V. Time to Read

1. Read in pairs. Say what pastime is popular with the Collinses.


Jennifer: I say, David, the weekend is coming. It’s time to make plans.

David: Let’s take a weekend trip to Blackpool, at my mother’s invitation.

Mike: Great! Travelling is always in my list of likes. Where are we going to stay?

David: With your grandparents. Your aunt Rose and your cousins are staying with them now. We are going to have a real family reunion.

Mike: I’d like to meet my relatives. I’m sure they are nice and sociable people.

Jennifer: Exactly. We can do a lot of sightseeing together. We are going to have the time of our lives, with a Sunday picnic on the seashore or a real family party.

David: Don’t forget your swimming stuff, Mike.

Mike: Don’t worry, Dad, I won’t. Swimming is something I can’t do without, you know.

Jennifer: Let’s get down to packing then.

the Collinses Blackpool

See First Aid Kit: Grammar 4, p, 235

Across Cultures: Great Britain

Blackpool /'blӕkpul/ - курортне місто на Півночі Англії

2. Fill in the where necessary.

Example: - (немає артиклю) - William wants to go to the circus.

1. Aunt Rose is coming to stay with … Browns.

2. My relatives live in … Kyiv.

3. … Mike can’t do without swimming.

4. … Collinses are going on a weekend trip.

5. … Blackpool is a seaside town.

3. Read out the sentences about:

• a weekend trip;

• Sunday pastime;

• hobbies in the family.

4. Say what your weekends with friends are like.

VI. Time to Communicate

1. Act as Mike and describe your hobby:

to go to Blackpool

swimming stuff

can’t do without

2. Act as Mike’s girl-cousin and describe your stay in Blackpool:

seaside town

to have a family reunion

to do a lot of sightseeing

3. In pairs, talk about your friends' pastime as in the pattern.


A: I say, … , the weekend is coming. It’s time to … .

B: Let’s … , at …’s invitation.

A: Great! What are we going to do there?

B: … is always in my list of likes. We can … .

A: I’d like to … . I’m sure … .

B: Exactly. Don’t forget … .

A: Don’t worry, I won’t … is something I can’t do without, you know.

B: We are going to have …. Let’s have …. Let’s … then.

VII. Time to Listen

Listen to three children talking about their family pastime and point to the correct pictures.

VIII. Time to Write

Write an invitation card to your friends and invite him/her to spend your time together.


Dear … ,

Why don’t you come to … . We plan to … . We are also going to … . Give me a call beforehand.

Best … ,

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