Підручник Англійська мова 5 клас для спеціалізованих шкіл з поглибленним вивченням англійської мови - Л.В. Калініна - Генеза 2018 рік

Любий друже!

Was your summer fun?

Is school fun for you?

Unit One: We are a Family

1:1. What makes a family for you?

1:2. What are you like?

1:3. What are you like?

1:4. What do your friends and you like?

1:5. Му progress in English

Unit Two: Day in, Day out

2:1. What is Your Usual Morning schedule?

2:2. Afternoon schedule

2:3. Evening schedule

2:4. How does your weekend help you to be healthy and close to nature?

2:5. Му progress in English

Unit Three: Eat with Pleasure

3:1. What do you think about Ukrainian cuisine?

3:2. How do you think British and Ukrainian cuisines have anything in common?

3:3. How does food on festivities in your family differ?

3:4. What is your favourite food?

3:5. My progress in English

Unit Four: You are in Ukraine

4:1. Why do you think Ukraine is known far and wide?

4:2. What is your favourite season and weather?

4:3. Is your native place your fortress?

4:4. What Ukrainian holidays and traditions do you like most?

4:5. Му progress in English

Unit Five: School Life

5:1. What does your timetable look like?

5:2. What do you like to do in your English lessons?

5:3. What are your leisure activities in between the lessons?

5:4. What do you do to become computer literate?

5:5. My progress in English

Unit Six: Wear it!

6:1. What is your clothing style?

6:2. How do you choose your clothes?

6:3. What clothes do you wear on different occasions?

6:4. Is shopping for clothes your favourite pastime?

6:5. My Progress in English

Unit Seven: A Mind Trip to Britain

7:1. How are you getting ready for travelling?

7:2. What are your first impressions of travelling?

7:3. What do you know about Britain?

7:4. Why, in your opinion, British holidays and traditions are unique?

7:5. My progress in English


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