Підручник Англійська мова 5 клас (5-й рік навчання) - А.М. Несвіт - Генеза 2018 рік

Unit 2. The Clothes We Wear

Lesson 3

1. Look and say. Who has got the following items of clothes on?

• a dress • a hat • trousers • a coat • a skirt • a jacket • a cap • a tie • gloves • an anorak • a T-shirt • shorts • a blouse • jeans • a juniper • a suit • a uniform •


Sue has got a purple blouse and an orange skirt on.

2. Fill in the names of the children in the pictures to Ex. 1, page 32.

Example: Alice has got a black T-shirt on.

1. … has got a brown skirt on.

2. … has got black shoes on.

3. … has put a yellow dress on.

4. … has put a red jumper on.

5. … is wearing a school uniform.

6. … is wearing jeans.

3. Listen and read. Then, tick the statements A, B or both.

What Do Students Wear?

Different schools in Australia have different school uniforms. These are the photos of Australian schoolchildren in their school uniform.

A. Brett and Dilan: Hi! We are from Australia. We have different school uniforms for the winter months and the warmer spring months. During the winter, the girls wear a navy blue skirt and the boys wear blue trousers. Both boys and girls wear a white shirt and a grey jumper. We must wear a tie and a blazer when we go to and from school. Girls must wear dark-coloured knee socks or woolen tights as part of the winter uniform.

B. Philip and Mark: Our school uniform is very practical and comfortable. During the winter months we wear a navy sweatshirt with a white polo T-shirt. Our trousers are dark blue or black. Our school also has an official school blazer, but it is optional. During the summer, we wear blue shorts and a white polo shirt. My shoes are brown.

1. Our school uniform is practical.

2. We don’t have to wear a blazer when we go to school.

3. We wear a T-shirt in the summer.

4. We have different uniforms for a cold and warmer seasons.

5. Shorts are part of our school uniform.

6. Woolen tights are part of the school uniform.

4. Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions.

1. Do you wear a school uniform?

2. What colour is it? Is it practical?

3. Is your school uniform comfortable?

4. Do you have school badges? Where do you wear them?

5. Do you wear different school uniform in different seasons?

Mini-project: Our School Uniform

5. a) Work in groups.

• Discuss the uniform you would like to have in your school.

• Draw pictures,

b) Gallery Walk.

• Put your projects on the blackboard.

• Discuss them with your classmates.

• Vote for the best poster.

6. Write a letter to your English friend. Tell him / her about your school uniform.

Start like this:

Dear ,

Thank you for your letter. This is to tell you about my school uniform … … .

Finish with:

Write me soon and inform me about … .



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