Підручник Англійська мова 5 клас (5-й рік навчання) - А.М. Несвіт - Генеза 2018 рік

Unit 2. The Clothes We Wear

Lesson 4

1. Read and say what item of clothes it is. Match them to the pictures (A - H).

1. In cold weather you wear this round your neck.

2. This is like a very long jacket. You wear it when it is cold outside.

3. You wear these on your feet inside your shoes.

4. This protects you from the hot sun.

5. You wear these on your feet when you go in for sport.

6. You wear this when you go to school.

7. Boys and girls wear them on their legs.

8. You wear it when it is rainy outside.

Learning Strategies: Asking for Advice

2. Listen and read.

- Let’s go to the river.

- What are you going to wear?

- A pair of shorts and a T-shirt.

- I’ll wear a skirt and a T-shirt.

- Don’t forget to put on a hat!

- Oh, thank you!

Grammar Lab: to Be Going to Do Smth

See Grammar Reference p. 213.

3. Work in pairs. Look at the pictures. Act out similar dialogues.

4. Look at the pictures. Say what the people are going to do.


Emma is going to put on her sweater.

• to pull off your sweater / pullover • to pull off your socks • to lace up / unlace your shoes • to put on a sweater / jeans / designer clothes • to zip / unzip a sweater • to fasten / unfasten a belt • to take off a coat • to sew clothes / a button •

5. Write the correct form of the verb to be to complete the sentences.

Example: Mary is going to take off her coat.

1. Tom … going to unzip a sweater.

2. Clara and Monika… going to sew new dresses for their dolls.

3. Nick … going to train in the gym. He … putting on his trainers. He … going to lace them up.

4. Bill and his friends … going to fish. They … wearing T-shirts and shorts. It’s hot. Billgoing to put on his sum mer cap.

5. Ann … having a party soon. She … going to buy some designer clothes.

6. you going on a picnic, Jack? What clothes … you going to wear?

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