Підручник Англійська мова 5 клас (5-й рік навчання) - А.М. Несвіт - Генеза 2018 рік

Unit 2. The Clothes We Wear

Lesson 5

1. a) Work in pairs or in small groups. Complete the lists given below.

Clothes we wear at the parties: a dress, etc.

Clothes we wear every day: trousers, etc.

Clothes we wear in the gym: a T-shirt, etc.

Clothes we wear to school: a jacket, etc.

b) Compare your lists with another pair or group. Who has got a bigger list?

2. Listen and match the people (1-4) to the clothes (A-H) they are going to wear.

4. Listen and read.

Ann: Hi, Jane! What are you doing?

Jane: Oh, hi, Ann! We’re having a party at school. I’m choosing a dress to put on. Ann: A dress? What about this one?

Jane: It’s nice, but it’s out of the season. Ann: Then you can put on this blouse and a skirt.

Jane: A blouse and a skirt? I’ll try them on. Ann: OK. I’ll be waiting for you!

4. Work in pairs. Use the words from Ex. 1, page 37 to act out a similar dialogue.

5. Complete the texts with the words from the boxes.

• shirt • jacket • school • trousers • badge • pocket • uniform •

1. In the UK many pupils between 11 and 16 of age wear a formal … a tie and … for boys and a blouse, a tie and trousers or a skirt for girls. There is the school … and the name of school on the of the jacket. Children in many UK state primary schools have ajumper and / or polowith the name and logo.

• uniform • dress • shoes • socks (x2) • hat • sandals •

2. In summer, I put on a pretty light green and white cotton … . I wear long white kneeor short white ankle … . Girls may wear flat brown or black … or … .The part of the summer school … is a boater-style … . We usually wear it when we go to or from school.

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