Підручник Англійська мова 5 клас (5-й рік навчання) - А.М. Несвіт - Генеза 2018 рік

Unit 2. The Clothes We Wear

Lesson 6

1. Listen and read. Find what Maryna and Olia say about each other’s clothes.

Maryna: Hi, Olia!

Olia: Hi! Nice to see you!

Maryna: You too. You look stylish today!

Olia: Thanks. This jacket is new, and these shoes are too.

Maryna: Well, they are really nice.

The jacket is in fashion this season. It’s great with your blouse.

Olia: Oh, the blouse? It’s my granny’s present. It’s old, but I like it.

Maryna: “Clean and pressed goes a long way,” my granny says.

Olia: You can’t afford to buy everything that you want. It’s easy to pair such a blouse with both a skirt or a pair of trousers.

Maryna: In a word, your style is classic. I’ve got a new dress and a new bag too.

Olia: You look really nice, and your bag matches your dress.

Maryna: Thanks a lot.

· Agree or disagree with the statements.

1. Granny presented Olia with a new jacket.

2. Olia’s blouse matches her jacket.

3. Maryna is wearing a nice skirt.

4. Maryna’s bag doesn’t match her clothes.

5. The children didn’t talk about shoes.

2. Work in pairs. Act out a dialogue. Use the words in box and Ex. 1, page 39 as an example.

Your clothes are:

• in / out of fashion • fashionable / trendy / stylish • smart • fine • elegant • expensive • clean / dirty • tidy / untidy •

Pronunciation Practice

3. Listen and repeat.

It’s too big.

It’s too tight.

It doesn’t match. It’s too small.

It’s too loose.

It doesn’t fit.

It’s too short.

They’re too big.

They’re too tight.

They don’t match.

They’re too small.

They’re too loose.

They don’t fit.

They’re too short.

4. Work in pairs. Ask what’s wrong with the clothes.


A: What’s wrong with the jeans?

B: They are too loose.

5. Draw a picture or take any photo. Describe the clothes people wear in a written form. Start like this: A place for a photo.

Hi! My name is … . This is a photo of my (family / friend / cousin) in (the country house / at the Zoo, etc) … .

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