Підручник Англійська мова 5 клас (5-й рік навчання) - А.М. Несвіт - Генеза 2018 рік

Unit 2. The Clothes We Wear

Extensive Reading

1. Look and say what kinds of clothes Becky has got in her wardrobe.

2. Work in two groups. Group A reads Part 1 of the story. Group B reads Part 2 of the story. Then exchange the information.

The Magic Dress

(After Louis Fidge)

Part 1

Sunday came, Becky’s favourite day. It was sunny and hot. “A nice day for a walk in the park,” Becky thought.

She came up to the wardrobe. There were her dresses, jeans, sweaters, blouses, T-shirts and other items of clothing there.

Becky looked at some dresses. She saw a lovely bright light dress with different coloured stripes, like a rainbow.

Becky said, “Wow! This dress is really nice. I’ll wear it today.”

She carefully took the dress out of the wardrobe. There was something special about it.

Becky put the dress on. As she did so, she started to float in the air and fly like a bird! The dress was magic!

Part 2

Becky flew up and up, high in the sky. She flew up above the clouds. When she looked down, everything looked smaller - the houses looked like small boxes, the cars looked like beetles and the people looked like small ants!

Becky flew over the sea. She waved to the people on boats below. They were surprised!

She waved to the whales. They blew water into the air at her. She waved to the dolphins. They jumped out of the water.

Becky flew over the jungle, the desert, the snow and ice. She greeted animals and people. They were pleased to see her.

Becky began to get tired so she flew home and landed in her garden. What a flight! What a dress!

Text Level

3. Order the sentences according to the story.

__ Becky flew over the sea and saw some whales.

__ Becky put the dress on.

__ Becky flew over the snow and ice.

__ Becky got tired and flew back home.

__ Becky started to float in the air.

The houses looked like small boxes.

Sentence Level

4. Read and say what each underlined pronoun stands for.

1. Becky saw a whale. It was very big.

2. “We like new clothes,” Ben and Becky said.

3. Becky took the dress and put ft on.

4. The monkeys gave Becky some bananas to eat. She thanked them.

5. Becky has got a cat. She likes the cat a lot.

6. Becky and Ben worked in the garden. “You are tired,” their mum said.

7. Ben looked at Becky’s dress. It was really lovely.

Word Level

5. Write some words. Change the / in light to get other words.

6. Choose the correct word to complete the sentences.

1. I turned on the in my bedroom.

(bright / light)

2. My sweater is too

(sight / tight)

3. The mountains were a lovely

(sight / flight)

4. I woke in the middle of the

(night / light)

5. Our … is at 5 p.m.

(light / flight)

6. Is her answer… ?

(fight / right)

7. Write five questions to the text of Ex. 2, pp. 47-49.



Aim: To write a leaflet about the fashion of the future.

A In class: Before you write a leaflet

1. Look at Ann and Dan’s leaflet. Read Part One. What items of clothing have they designed for boys? What colours have they used in their models?

2. Read Part Two. What items of clothing have they recommended for girls? Are these formal or casual clothes?

B Out of class: Make your leaflet

Work in small groups. Share the roles. Make parts of your leaflet. Write short descriptions of your fashion clothes. Include drawings. Think of the title for your collection.

You need:

• some paper;

• glue and scissors;

• some coloured pens.

C: In class: Use your leaflet

• Show your leaflet to your classmates. Give them more information about your pictures and descriptions. Answer the questions.

• Read your classmates’ leaflets. What colours did they use in their fashion? Have they designed any kind of strange clothes?

• Vote for the best leaflet.


We don’t think that fashion will change much in the future. But people will use smart materials to create their clothes. The clothes will have some useful functions. Some parts of clothes will have soft electronic screens. The others will have special buttons. People will heat or clean their clothes automatically.


Boys will wear trousers and blazers of dark blue colour when they go to school. The pockets on the blazers will be their computers! When they go to the parties, they will wear white shirts with silver stripes on the sleeves and dark grey trousers.


Clothes for girls will be very bright. When at school, the girls will wear light-grey blouses, glowing jackets and golden skirts or trousers. When they go to the parties, they will wear long silver dresses and silver shoes. They will also wear small brilliant stars on their heads.

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