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Unit 3. Food

Lesson 2

1. Look at the pictures and say what Jane has got for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Is her menu healthy or not? Start like this:

For breakfast she has got … .

2. a) Listen and complete the dialogue with the questions (A - E). There is one extra question that you don’t need.

b) Speak in class. Say whose menu is healthier and why.

A Are they good for you?

B I’ m sure you like chocolate as well, don’t you?

C What about you, what do you usually have for breakfast?

D Do you like to eat salad?

E Do you have pizza or chips for lunch?

Jane: Hi, Alex! Let’s go to the school canteen! I’m really hungry today.

Alex: Hi, Jane! So am I.

Jane: I don’t eat much at breakfast at home. (1) … .

Alex: Nothing much. I always get a cake or something on my way to school.

Jane: (2) … .

Alex: Yes, I buy pizza in the school canteen nearly every day. I like that. I also buy apple pies. They are tasty.

Jane: (3) … . I don’t think so. I eat a lot of salad. And I drink lots of water. It’s better for you than juice.

Alex: I don’t like salad very much, and I prefer to drink cola and lemonade.

Jane: (4) … . I love chocolate.

Alex: I love sweets and biscuits. And I like ice cream very much.

3. Look through the dialogue of Ex. 2 and say who:

1. … eats a lot at breakfast time.

2. … eats something on the way to school.

3. … buys something to eat in the school canteen.

4. … drinks a lot of water.

5. … loves chocolate.

6. … likes ice cream.

Grammar Lab: Much / Many / Lots of / A lot of

We use many / lots of / a lot of with countable nouns.

We use much / a lot of / lots of with uncountable nouns. We use a lot of / lots of in positive sentences.

There is a lot of soup in the pan.

We use much and many in negative sentences.

There isn’t much coffee in the cup.

There aren’t many sweets on the table.

4. Read and complete the sentences with much, many, a lot of / lots of.

1. There are … apples on the plate.

2. There isn’t … butter in the fridge.

3. Do you need … eggs for this cake?

4. Ann and Dan eat … vegetables and fruit.

5. They usually buy … bread.

6. Is there … water in the mug?

Conversation Lab

5. Look at the pictures and act out the dialogues about them.

1. Ann: Do you have any fruit?

Mum: Yes. We have ….s and ….s.

Ann: I’d like a … , please.

Mum: Here you are.

Ann: Thank you.

2. Dan: Do we have any more …?

Mum: No, we don’t. I’ll get some more when I go shopping.

3. Alex: How do you like …?

Jane: It’s / They’re delicious.

6. Write about your favourite fruit and vegetables. Use the questions below to help you.

• Which vegetables / fruit do you like?

• Which of these vegetables / fruit grow where you live?

• Which of them does your mum / dad usually buy?

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