Підручник Англійська мова 5 клас (5-й рік навчання) - А.М. Несвіт - Генеза 2018 рік

Unit 3. Food

Lessons 3 - 4

1. Listen and repeat.

2. Work in pairs. Talk with your friend as in the example.


A: What shall I do with the onions?

B: Peel them first and then chop them.

onion - peel / chop

potato - peel / boil / mash

pepper - wash / chop

meat - slice / grill

beetroot - wash / bake

mushrooms - slice / fry

3. Listen and read.

Mother’s birthday was coming. Steve and Molly wanted it to be a big surprise for her. They made special birthday cards for her.

Steve tried to get good marks at school to please his mother. Molly cleaned the house and kept all her toys and clothes in order. Father planned a birthday breakfast. They all agreed on this menu: some French toast with wild raspberries and honey, and coffee with milk. They didn’t forget about the bunch of beautiful flowers.

On birthday morning each had a job to do. Steve beat the eggs and made the toasts. Father fried them. Molly sprinkled the hot toasts with powdered sugar and set the table. She decorated the toasts with berries and honey. They didn’t forget about the kitchen. It was clean and tidy.

When mother came into the kitchen, they said together, “Happy birthday, dear Mum!”

Mother was so surprised!

She said, “This is so beautiful. Thank you very much.”

4. Choose the correct items to complete the sentences.

1. All the family was busy because their … had a birthday.

a) father

b) mother

c) grandmother

2. … wanted to please their nearest and dearest.

a) Steve

b) Molly

c) Steve and Molly

3. The children and their father cooked … .

a) a birthday cake

b) hot toasts

c) honey sandwiches

4. The family had a special holiday … together.

a) breakfast

b) dinner

c) supper

5. Complete the dialogue and write it down. Use the words: some, any, much, many.

Ann: I’m hungry. Let’s make some egg sandwiches.

Dan: OK. I think we’ve got … eggs. How … eggs do you need?

Ann: Two. Have we got … cheese or tomatoes?

Dan: Yes, we have got … cheese and tomatoes. But how … cheese and how … tomatoes do we need?

Ann: 100 grams of cheese and two tomatoes.

Dan: Is there … ketchup?

Ann: There is … ketchup, but not … .

Dan: Oh, no! I love ketchup.

Ann: It’s OK, Dan. I’ll go and buy … .Too … ketchup is not good for you.

Conversation Lab

6. Say what you did for your mother’s birthday. Use the verbs in the box in the correct tense form.

• to make • to get • to plan • to beat • to fry • to decorate • to set • to clean •

7. Write what you cooked for a special day in your family. Use Ex. 3, pp. 57-58 as an example. Start like this:

Our …’s birthday was coming and we decided to make it a special day for her / him.

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