Підручник Англійська мова 5 клас (5-й рік навчання) - А.М. Несвіт - Генеза 2018 рік

Unit 3. Food

Lesson 9. Grammar Revision

1. Write the nouns given below in the plural form where it is possible.

Butter, carrot, cereal, cheese, coffee, egg, grape, jam, lemon, milk, onion, pasta, oil, apple, potato, rice, meat, sugar, tea, cucumber.

2. Complete the dialogue with some, any, how much and how many.

Steve: Mum, can we have omelette for dinner tonight?

Mum: Good idea, Steve, (1) … milk have we got in the fridge?

Steve: We haven’t got (2) … milk.

Mum: Can you go to the shop and buy (3) … ?

Steve: Sure. Do we need (4) … cheese? Shall I buy (5) … of that too?

Mum: No, there’s lots of cheese. But can you buy me (6)… eggs?

Steve: OK. (7) … do you want?

Mum: A dozen of eggs, please. Thanks, Steve.

3. Read and complete the text with the past forms of the verbs in brackets.

The First Potato Crisps

One day, a customer … (to come) to an expensive New York restaurant. He (to order) chips for himself. A few minutes later he … (to tell) the waiter that he … (not / to like) his chips, because they … (to be) too thick. The waiter … (to be) very angry. He (to go) into the kitchen, … (to take) a potato, … (to cut) it into very thin slices, and………………………………. (to put) the slices into a pan of very hot oil. Then he … (to come) back to the customer. To his surprise, the customer … (to say) that they … (to be) very tasty. They … (to become) the world’s first potato crisps.

4. Read and choose the correct items to complete the sentences.

1. My mum . breakfast for our family every morning.

a) is cooking

b) cooks

c) cooked

2. Look! Steve some sandwiches.

a) make

b) makes

c) is making

3. Mum, what .. you … for dinner today?

a) did … cook

b) is cooking

c) will … cook

4. What … you … in your lunch box yesterday?

a) do have

b) did have

c) are having

5. Work in pairs. Complete the dialogue with the questions. Then act it out.

A Do you like pizza?

B Shall I bring some bread?

C Shall I eat before I come?

D Would you like to come?

E What time?

Dan: I’m going to the cinema tomorrow? (1) …

Kim: I’d love to, thanks. (2) …

Dan: About six o’clock.

Kim: (3) …

Dan: No, we’re going to eat at my house before the film.

Kim: (4) …

Dan: No, it’s OK. I’ve got some pizzas at home. (5) …

Kim: Yes, I love it!

6. Speak in class. Talk about your family dinners.


Ann: Our family big meal is usually in the evening, at about six o’clock. My parents always have two courses, but I don’t. The main meal is either meat or fish, with rice, potatoes or noodles and lots of vegetables. We always finish with a delicious pudding.

Dan: By seven o’clock I’m really hungry and ready for our family dinner. We have soup, and a big main course, and then we have yoghurt or ice cream. I go to bed at ten o’clock and have a cup of hot chocolate. It’s a nice way to finish the day.

7. Write a note to your mum about food you want her to cook for breakfast / lunch / dinner. Use the example given below.

Hi, Mum! Could you, please, cook … for … (dinner) tonight? If there is anything you want me to buy, I can do the shopping.

Thank you.


(your name)

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