Підручник Англійська мова 5 клас (5-й рік навчання) - А.М. Несвіт - Генеза 2018 рік

Unit 4.Let's Have a Rest

Lesson 6

1. Listen and repeat. Say what your hobby is. Add information.


I am fond of collecting stickers. My parents usually buy a packet of stickers once a month. I keep my collection in a sticker album.

2. Listen and read the interview notes.

A hobby is a thing people like to do in their free time. Different people have different hobbies. They are fond of collecting things, going in for sport, travelling and playing computer games.

1. Mike Tame is 12 and he lives in Colchester. He studies at school. He is very good at learning Computer Studies. He says, “I get up at 7.10 and do my homework before school. I work on my computer for three hours every evening. I have already joined the school IT (Information Technology) Club as I want to be a web designer.”

2. Abby Green gets up at 5.45 every morning and trains in the gym before classes. She wants to be an Olympic winner. She says, “I’m quite good at studying at school. I study hard and I train in the gym, too. I really enjoy it, and I want to be famous. I have already participated in school competitions.”

3. Maryna Teslenko lives in Odesa. She is fond of drawing. She spends much time in the studio. She has already decided to be an artist. One of her pictures has won a prize in the Art Show.

3. Look through the texts of Ex. 2, page 86 and find out which person:

4. Look through the text of Ex. 2, page 86. Find the sentences with the Present Perfect Tense. What’s the function of this verb form?

5. Write. Complete the sentences with have or has.

1. I already seen Jack in the swimming pool today.

2. They … already learnt twenty French words.

3. We … already discussed this film.

4. She …never been to Great Britain.

5. We … already collected 200 stickers.

6. He … already been to three European countries.

Mini-project: A Class Survey

6. Ask your classmates questions about their favourite activities and make a graph.

Questions / Names



• Have you got a hobby?

• What is it?

• Do you go in for sport?

• Have you joined any sports club?

• How often do you train?

• Have you got any collections?

• How long have you had them?

7. Write a story about your hobby / hobbies. Include the following:

• what hobby you have decided on;

• how long you have had it;

• if you have joined any interest club.

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