Підручник Англійська мова 5 клас (5-й рік навчання) - А.М. Несвіт - Генеза 2018 рік

Unit 4.Let's Have a Rest

Lesson 7

1. Listen and repeat.

To decide - decided - decided

To collect - collected - collected

To help - helped - helped

To ask - asked - asked

To cook - cooked - cooked

To come - came - come

To put - put - put

To make - made - made

To bring - brought - brought

To begin - began - begun

2. a) Look at the picture given below. Answer the questions.

1. Where are the children?

2. Have they put up their tents yet?

3. Have they cooked any meals yet?

4. What things have they got?

b) Read and say what the children have already done.

Ann, Dan, Jane, Alex, Tom, Steve and Kim have decided on a hiking trip with their friends and teacher Miss Alison. In the morning the weather was nice. There was no strong wind.

The children have come to a beautiful place.

Dan and Alex have already put up a few tents. Some boys have collected the wood. Tom has made a fire. Sue has brought some water from the stream. Ann and Jane have already begun to cook a meal. The children have kept all the safety rules while doing that.

Miss Alison has helped her schoolchildren to do all the tasks. She has also asked the children to clean up the area after the picnic.

“The forests are beautiful and enjoyed by many,” she said.

We have taken some rubbish home and put it in the bins provided.

“It’s so great to spend time together. We’ve made the right decision about the hiking trip on holidays,” said Miss Alison.

3. Look through the text of Ex. 2b, page 88 again. Find the sentences in the Present Perfect Tense and read them aloud.

4. Play a memory game.

a) Look at the picture to Ex. 2, page 88 again and write five questions to ask your classmates.

b) Work in pairs. Close your books. Then ask and answer questions about the children in the picture.

Conversation Lab

5. Act out the situations. Tell your classmates what has happened. Use the Present Perfect Tense.


You don’t have your homework at the lesson, (to forget) - I have forgotten my exercise book at home.

1. You invite your parents for breakfast, (to cook)

2. It is our granny’s birthday soon, (to write a postcard)

3. You’re preparing your classroom for party, (to decorate)

4. Your classmate is not at school, (to telephone)

5. You want to show new badges in your collection, (to buy)

6. You’re fond of gardening. Now there are some beautiful flowers there, (to plant)

6. Work in groups. Write a list of safety rules you need to stick to while picnicking. Then discuss them with other groups in class and make a poster.

7. Write. Complete the following dialogues. Then act them out in class. Use the words: do, does, have, haven’t, has, hasn’t.

1. Alex: You are very fityou exercised for a long time?

Dan: Yes, I … .

Alex: What sport … you do?

Dan: I go swimming.

2. Alex: What time … your trainings start?

Dan: At four o’clock. I finish at six o’clock and go home.

5. Alex: … Steve joined the Swimming Club?

Dan: No, he … .

Alex: … he spend his summer holidays at the seaside?

Dan: Yes, he does.

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