Підручник Англійська мова 5 клас (5-й рік навчання) - А.М. Несвіт - Генеза 2018 рік

Unit 4.Let's Have a Rest

Lesson 8

1. Listen and repeat. What do you usually do in different seasons of the year?


A: I usually go to the seaside in summer. And I stay at home with friends in winter. We often go to the cinema or to the theatre. We also go in for winter hinds of sport: skating, skiing and sledging.

2. Work in pairs. Answer the questions. Then ask your friend. Add information. Use the words from Ex. 1.


A: What do you usually do when you have school holidays?

B: I like to travel to a new place. When I’m at home, it doesn’t feel like holidays.



Your Friend

· What do you like to do on holidays?

· How long do you think school holidays should be?

· Do you prefer one long holidays or several shorter ones?

· Do you know Road Safety Rules? What are they?1

· What do you have to do first when you cross the road in Ukraine? What about the UK?

3. Listen and order the pictures. Say what children found when they were at the seaside.

4. Read Ann’s letter. Say where Ann and her family spend their holiday time.

Dear Jane,

I’m having fantastic holidays in Yalta. We are staying in a lovely hotel. The weather is nice. The air is fresh and the sea is warm.

We swim and sunbathe every day. When on the beach, we build sandcastles, feed the seagulls and collect shells and stones.

We have gone on excursions and have bought some souvenirs. (I’ve got a new magnet for you - as I have promised!)

What are your holidays in London? What is the weather like? Have you read any books from the summer list?

Write me soon and tell me all your news.

Keep in touch.


1See p. 225

5. Read and complete the sentences.

1. Ann is on holidays in … .

2. Her family is staying … .

3. The weather is … .

4. When on the beach, Ann … .

5. Ann has gone and … .

6. Ann asks Jane about … .

Conversation Lab

6. Listen to these opinions. Take turns. Pupil A reads an opinion. Pupil B responds and adds information.


A: I like to buy souvenirs when I travel.

B: So do I. I have collected many magnets from different places in Ukraine. You can see my collection on the fridge when you come into my kitchen.


I do, too. / Me too.

So do I.

I don’t, either.

I like buying souvenirs when I travel.

I think visiting a city is more interesting than visiting a country side.

I don’t like to stay at home on holidays.

I think school holidays should be longer in spring.

7. a) Look, read and say what Dan is going to do on Saturday.

b) Use the pictures to write a story “Dan’s Ideal Holidays”. Start like this:

Dan is having school holidays soon. He is going to get up at 10 o’clock.

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