Підручник Англійська мова 5 клас (5-й рік навчання) - А.М. Несвіт - Генеза 2018 рік

Unit 4.Let's Have a Rest

Extensive Reading

1. Listen and read the words in the Vocabulary File.

Vocabulary File

To camp out - відпочивати на природі

A camper - відпочиваючий

A sleeping bag - спальний мішок

To peer out - виглядати

2. Read the text.

Camping Out

It was warm July evening. So Ann and Dan’s parents let them camp out in a tent at the back of the yard. The children were very excited.

Ann’s mum helped the children take things to the tent. Ann took her new doll, two teddy bears, and some food. Dan brought his big racing car, a robot, and a box of chocolates.

Soon it was dark. Ann and Dan were in their sleeping bags. They ate their chips, fruit and chocolates and drank their lemonade. The campers spoke in a whisper until Ann thought she heard a noise.

Snuff, snuffle, snap!

“What was that?” she asked.

Ann and Dan listened in silence.

Snuff, snuffle, snap!

“I’m scared,” said Ann.

“So am I”, said Dan.

Slowly, they unzipped the tent and peered out. There were lights in the windows and the back door was open.

Ann and Dan ran up the dark toward home.

“We had better camp IN tonight - we can camp OUT another time!” said Ann and hugged her mum.

Text level

3. Answer the questions.

1. Why did Ann and Dan decide to camp out?

2. What things did Ann take with her?

3. What things did Dan bring?

4. Did the children enjoy their time?

5. Why did they run back home?

4. Complete the sentences with the suitable words.

1. It was the first time Ann and Dan’s parents … .

2. Ann’s mum helped the children … .

3. The children took … .

4. The campers spoke in a whisper until … .

5. Ann and Dan ran up the dark toward home because … .

6. Ann’s mum said, “Well, you had better tonight - you can… another time!”

Sentence level

5. Fill in the gaps with the correct forms of the verbs.

1. Jim … (to take) his younger sister to the Zoo last Thursday.

2. We always … (to go) on a school trip on holidays.

3. Johnny and Meggy … (to listen) to music yesterday.

4. My dad … (to help) me to put up a tent last week.

5. When the sun … (to shine) brightly, the weather is fine.

6. Our teacher usually … (to explain) us what to take for a school trip.

Word level

6. Copy the sentences. Underline the words with the correct sound.


/e/: Ann’s mum helped them take things the tent.

1. /u/: Ann took her doll, two teddy bears, and some food.

2. //: Dan brought his favourite racing car, an action robot, and a box of chocolates.

3. /æ/: They ate their chips, fruit and chocolates and drank their lemonade.

4. /Ɔ:/: The campers spoke in a whisper until Ann thought she heard a noise.

5. /ɛә/: “I’m scared,” said Ann, hugging her teddy bears.

6. /ai/: “You had better camp in tonight - you can camp out another time!” mum said.

7. Write about the day you camped out. Start like this:

One dayand me decided to camp out. We were very excited.

Our (parents, aunt, etc) helped us to put up a tent. We took…We also took … .



Aim: To write a leaflet about your school trip.


In class: Before you write a leaflet

1. Look at Ann and Dan’s leaflet. Read Part One. Which places have the children visited? When did they go on their school trip?

2. Read Part Two. What did the children do during their trip? What have they learned?

3. Read Part Three. Say if Dan and Ann enjoyed their trip and why.

4. Work in small groups. Write a list of places you’ve visited and decide on a trip you want to write about.


Out of class: Make your leaflet

• Work individually. Make parts of your leaflet. Write short stories about your photos or include drawings.

You need:

• some paper;

• glue and scissors;

• some coloured pens.


In class: Use your leaflet

• Show your leaflet to your classmates. Give them more information about your pictures and descriptions. Answer the questions.

• Read your classmates’ leaflets. Have you written about the same trip?

• Vote for the best leaflet.



We went on a school trip last autumn. We visited the city of Poltava. All the pupils from our class went there. We have taken a lot of pictures.


On photo A we are in the museum of … . We have seen wonderful exhibitions there.

On photo B our classmates are taking part in the nature quiz. We have won the prize! Out teacher Olena Ivanivna is proud of us.


On photo C Ann and Dan are telling Class 5B about our trip. We usually share our trip experience with other pupils in our school.

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