Підручник Англійська мова 5 клас (5-й рік навчання) - А.М. Несвіт - Генеза 2018 рік

Unit 5. Nature and Weather

Lesson 2

Listening Lab

1. Listen to the weather report. Complete the chart given below. Use the following words to describe weather: sunny, cloudy, rainy.






2. Look at the pictures. What seasons of the year do you see? What is the weather like in these seasons in Ukraine?


It is usually warm and sunny in spring' in Ukraine. Sometimes the sky is cloudy and it rains.

3. Read what children say about their favourite seasons. Match them to the photos given above.

A It’s my favourite season. It’s very cold and it often snows. We can skate on the ice on the lake and we go skiing in the mountains. Sometimes I can go snowboarding.

B I love the … . It’s getting warmer after the long winter.

There are flowers and grass in the fields. Sometimes the sky is grey and it rains, but afterwards the sun comes out and the countryside is fresh and green again.

C I like the bright colours of the trees in … . They are red, orange and yellow. Sometimes it’s foggy in the morning. Then the fog goes away and the sky is blue all day long. Later this season the wind is getting colder and it often rains.

D This is my favourite time of the year. It’s very hot and sunny and I go to the beach every day. I can swim and play volleyball with my friends. Sometimes there are thunderstorms - they are really exciting.

4. Agree or disagree. Correct the wrong statements.

1. The days can be sunny in any season of the year.

2. It’s cold and snowy in autumn.

3. It is often foggy in autumn.

4. Sometimes there are thunderstorms in summer.

5. The days are getting warmer in spring.

6. The countryside is usually fresh after the snowstorm.

Conversation Lab

5. Work in pairs. Take turns to talk about your favourite season as in the example. Your friend is to guess what season it is.


A: When my favourite season comes, the weather is getting warmer. The snow melts and the green grass is growing everywhere. The birds come back from warm countries. You can see the first flowers in the parks and forests.

B: Is it spring?

A: Yes, it is.

6. Write. Complete the text with the words from the box given below.

• warm • sunny • summer • season • hot • a T-shirt • degrees • weather •

(0) Summer in the Crimea starts around the beginning of May. At this time we get the first evenings in which it is (1)enough to sit out in the open in just (2) … . May is a fantastic(3)month in the Crimea. The tourist (4)has yet to start, but the crowds are thin. The (5) … is more than wonderful. In the middle of June the weather in the Crimea gets (6) … in a way that it almost never does in Britain. Long (7) … days of thirty (8) … above zero are here to stay.

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