Підручник Англійська мова 5 клас (5-й рік навчання) - А.М. Несвіт - Генеза 2018 рік

Unit 5. Nature and Weather

Lesson 3

1. Listen and repeat. Match the sentences (1-4) to the thermomètres (A-D).

• It’s freezing.

• It’s hot.

• It’s warm.

• It’s cold.

2. Work in pairs. Talk about the pictures as in the example. Use the words from Ex. 1.

A: What is the weather like today?

B: It’s freezing. The temperature is zero degrees.

Reading Lab: Jigsaw Reading

3. a) Listen to the text.

b) Work in two groups. Read the text. Then share the information with each other.

Seasons in Great Britain

Group A. In winter the weather is cold and wet in Great Britain. It rains a lot and it sometimes snows. The sun doesn’t shine very much in winter. It is often cloudy. The winter in Great Britain is warmer than it is in Ukraine, but the Ukrainian winter with its snow and ice is better.

The weather is getting warmer in spring. It is sunnier too. It is sometimes wet.

Group B. Summer is the hottest season in Great Britain. It is hotter than spring. The sun usually shines every day. It doesn’t usually rain. It is usually dry. Summer is the best season for children.

In autumn the days become cooler and wetter than they are in summer. The sky is often grey and cloudy. It is often windy, too. It doesn’t snow in autumn, but it rains a lot.

4. Read and complete the sentences with the correct forms of the words in brackets.

1. In summer the days are.. (long) and the nights are(short).

2. Autumn is … (tasty) than winter because there are a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit.

3. In Ukraine February is … (cold) month of the year.

4. Spring is … (warm) and … (sunny) than winter.

5. Summer is … (hot) and … (dry) than spring.

6. The … (dry) and the … (hot) season is summer.

7. Winter is the … (windy) season.

Conversation Lab

5. Look at the weather map on page 105 and talk about the weather in different places around Great Britain.


A: What is the weather like in Cardiff today?

B: It’s sunny.

A: What’s the temperature in Cardiff today?

B: It’s ten degrees above zero.

6. Read and act out the situation.

Pupil A. You are from Ukraine. You are talking via Skype with your British penfriend. Ask him / her questions about the weather in the UK. Start and finish your dialogue as in the example.

Pupil B. You are from Great Britain. Answer the questions of your Ukrainian penfriend. Use the information from Ex. 3, pp. 103-104.


A: What is the season like in your country?

B: In Britain the weather is often rainy. In winter it’s very cold and windy. In autumn and spring it can be very windy but it’s not very cold. Summer can be quite warm but it can also be cloudy.


B: …

A: What is your favourite season?

B: I like spring a lot because the trees are green and there are lots of flowers everywhere. British people like daffodils and tulips. That’s why there are tulip flower-beds on the squares and in the centre of every town or city. I often go for a walk in the park, then. It’s lovely!

7. Write a short paragraph about different seasons in Ukraine. Write which season is your favourite one and what you like doing then. Start like this:

In Ukraine the weather is very cold in winter and hot in summer.

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