Підручник Англійська мова 5 клас (5-й рік навчання) - А.М. Несвіт - Генеза 2018 рік

Unit 5. Nature and Weather

Extensive Reading

1. Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions.

1. What is your favourite season / kind of weather?

2. What do you wear when it’s cold (hot)?

3. What things do you usually take with you when it rains?

4. What is the best weather to spend time outdoors?

2. Look at the pictures and the title of the text. What do you think it’s going to be about? What is the weather like in the picture?

3. Read the text. Say which of the main characters is stronger: the Sun or the Wind?

The Wind, the Sun, and Simon

By Georgie Adams

One day the Wind and the Sun had an argument.

The Wind said, “I can blow very hard. I’m stronger than you.”

The Sun smiled and said, “No, I am stronger than you.”

The Wind looked around and saw a boy. He was wearing a coat.

“Look,” said the Wind. “Let’s make that boy take off his coat. And we’ll see which of us is stronger.”

The Wind took a deep breath and blew hard.

“Dear me,” the boy who was called Simon said. And he buttoned his coat.

Then the Wind blew even harder. This time a storm of hailstones beat down from the clouds.

“Oh help!” cried Simon. He pulled the coat more tightly around him, and started running.

The Wind blew and blew but COULD NOT make the boy take off his coat.

“My turn now,” said the Sun.

He shone down out of a bright blue sky. The rays of sunshine touched the boy’s face and shoulders, and he felt warm. Simon undid one coat button…

The Sun shone brighter than ever. It grew hotter and hotter.

“I’m much too hot!” said Simon. And he … TOOK OFF HIS COAT.

“There!” said the Sun to the Wind. “I’ve won.”

The Wind agreed that the Sun was right.

And Simon ran to the fun fair and spent all afternoon on the merry-go-round.

Text Level

4. Read and complete the sentences.

1. One day the Wind and the Sun … .

2. The Wind looked around and … .

3. The Wind took a deep breath and … .

4. The Wind blew harder, and Simon … .

5. When it was hot, Simon … .

6. The Wind agreed that … .

Sentence Level

5. a) Find an adjective in each word combination.

A strong man, a deep breath, the hot sun, the warm clothes, the dark clouds, the bright sky, the heavy rain.

b) Choose the best adjective from the list you’ve got to fill each gap. Use the adjectives in the correct form.


Mark is … boy in our class. - Mark is the strongest boy in our class.

1. It’s getting … with every passing day.

2. Nothing can be … than the Sun.

3. Look! There are … clouds in the sky. It’s going to rain!

4. Lake Yalpuh is … lake in Ukraine.

5. I think today is … day of the month.

6. Your bag is much … than mine. What do you have in it?

Word Level

6. Write these words in the alphabetical order.

1. Shine, look wear, beat, pull.

2. Windy, snowy, rainy, sunny.

3. Light, rainbow, hail, snowflake.

4. Hard, easy, right, wrong.

7. Write. Complete the word sums. Then write sentences with the words you get.

Example: sun + shine = sunshine

thunder + storm=

butter + fly =

hail + stone =

merry + go + round =

rain + drop =

sea + side =

grand + father =

8. Write about the day you went to the fun fair. Say:

• when you went;

• who you went with;

• what the weather was like that day;

• what you did there.




To design a poster about school holidays in different seasons of the year. To speak English while doing the project together.


In class: Before you design a poster

1. Look at Ann and Dan’s poster. Read Part One. Which season of the year have they written about? Think what season you’d like to write about.

2. Read Part Two. What did the children do during the holiday time? What was the weather like?

3. Work in small groups. Share the roles. Decide on the season each of you is going to write about.


Out of class: Make your poster

• Draw or cut out pictures for each season. Stick them on a big sheet of paper and put it on the wall in your classroom. It’s your Project Gallery.

• Write a few sentences about your school holidays in different seasons of the year. Describe the weather and activities you usually do.

You need:

• some paper;

• glue and scissors;

• some coloured pens.


In class: Use your poster

• Show your poster to another group. Give them more information about your pictures and descriptions. Answer the questions.

• Read your classmates’ posters. Have you described different things?

• Vote for the best poster.


Part One. Autumn in Ukraine

Autumn comes in September. Early autumn is a very beautiful time of the year. The weather is still warm and sunny. The leaves change their colour from green to yellow. But towards the end of October the weather gets colder and colder. There’s much rain and fog. Leaves fall from the trees and cover the ground. Birds fly away to warm countries. Low and heavy clouds hang in the sky. Nature slowly falls asleep for winter.

Part Two. Our Autumn Holidays

Last autumn we went to the local park. We had The Tourist Day there. We played sports games. We had different races. Our class won. We got the prize! That was a big holiday cake! We shared it with other pupils of our school. Then we sang songs around the fire. We enjoyed the day greatly.

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