Підручник Англійська мова 5 клас (5-й рік навчання) - А.М. Несвіт - Генеза 2018 рік

Unit 1. My Family and Friends

Lesson 4

1. a) Listen and repeat the words.

b) Match the words from Ex. 1a, page 10 to their definitions (1-6).

1. Someone who is very happy.

2. Someone who is very active.

3. Someone who always tells the truth.

4. Someone who knows a lot of things.

5. Someone who likes to work hard.

6. Someone who always listens to the teacher.

2. Work in pairs. Act out short dialogues as in the example. Talk about your classmates.

A: Ivan is a very hard-working pupil.

B: Yes, he is. He always works hard at home. He does his homework regularly and he always gets good marks for his tests.

3. a) Read and match the texts (1-4) to the pictures (A-D) given below.

b) Say which of these boys and girls you would like to have as a friend. Explain your choice.

1. Peter is lively and cheerful. He likes to play different games. He is good at sports, especially winter sports. He is very proud of himself. He often talks about his victories.

2. Sam is clever and hard-working. He is always attentive at the lessons. He doesn’t like to play noisy games. He doesn’t do sport.

3. Alex is always ready to help. He is honest, quiet and kind. He never boasts.

4. Kate is smart and full of ideas. She is always attentive to people, honest and hard-working. She likes a good joke. She also plays basketball well.

4. Work in groups. Discuss the questions.

1. What are the best traits1 of character a person can have?

2. Which traits of character are negative?

3. Is it difficult to find a good friend?

4. How do you choose a friend?

5. Is it difficult to be a good friend to the others?

1a trait - pиca

5. Say what people you would like to go camping with, to travel with, to be in the same team with, to work or to study with. Explain your answers.


A: I would like to go camping with cheerful and lively people. My best friend is a nice football player. It’s great fun to play active games together.

B: You can have a wonderful time with friendly and attentive people.

Conversation Lab

6. Act out the situation.

You’ve met a former classmate in the park. Ask each other questions about your friends.

7. Write about one of your school friends. Use Ex. 3, page 11 as an example.

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