Підручник Англійська мова 5 клас (5-й рік навчання) - А.М. Несвіт - Генеза 2018 рік

Unit 6. Around Great Britain and Ukraine

Extensive Reading

1. Work in pairs. Take turns to ask and answer the questions.

1. Are there mountains in Ukraine?

2. What is the highest peak of the Carpathian Mountains?

3. What is the highest peak of the Crimean Mountains?

4. Have you ever been to the mountains?

5. When did you go there?

6. Was it difficult for you to climb up the mountains?

7. What did you see when you got to the top of the mountain?

2. Listen and read.

Up the Mountain

The sky was orange behind the mountain when Ann woke up. She listened to the forest sounds around her.

“We go hiking today! What will we see on our walk, Dad?” Ann asked.

Her father answered, “Every walk is different. We’re going to walk all the way up this mountain.”

Soon the family came there. Ann looked at the mountain. It seemed so high.

“Do you think I can climb up this mountain, Mum?” Ann asked.

They started to climb up the path.

They climbed higher and higher. The path went around and around and up.

It was rather difficult to walk.

They climbed higher and higher.

Finally, they reached the top of the mountain. There was no wind. Nothing moved.

Ann looked down. A valley stretched far below. When she looked toward one end of the valley, she saw trees that looked as small as baby plants. Past the trees she saw a lake that seemed to be a tiny puddle of water. The view was wonderful.

“How beautiful my Motherland is from the top of Hoverla!” Ann thought.

Text Level

3. Read and order the sentences according to the text.

__ Ann looks at her country from the top of Hoverla.

__ Ann and her parents went up the mountain.

__ The view was wonderful.

__ Ann woke up early in the morning.

__ They reached the top of the mountain.

Sentence Level

4. Write what people usually wear and take with them when they go hiking.

Example: People usually wear sneakers when they go hiking. People usually take their rucksacks when they go hiking.

Things to wear: sneakers, T-shirts, caps, trousers, shorts, sweaters, etc.

Things to take: rucksacks, sandwiches, tents, a camera, a book to read, a sweater, walking shoes, an MP3 player, sunglasses, an umbrella, a map, a suitcase, etc.

Word Level

5. Look through the text of Ex. 2, page 137. Find the sentences with the prepositions in the box given below and write them down into your exercise book. Then write 2-3 similar sentences about nature in the place where you live.

• up • down • behind • around • from • at •



Aim: To make a travel brochure.


In class: Before you write a brochure

1. Look at Ann and Dan’s travel brochure. Which places have the children written about? Have they used a lot of adjectives to describe the place?

2. Work in small groups. Write a list of places you’ve visited and decide on a place you want to write about.


Out of class: Make your travel brochure

• Work individually. Make parts of your brochure. Draw pictures and write a sentence for each one.

You need:

• some paper;

• glue and scissors;

• some coloured pens.


In class: Use your travel brochure

• Show your travel brochure to your classmates. Give them more information about your pictures and descriptions. Answer the questions.

• Read your classmates’ travel brochures. Ask them questions to get more information. Have you written about the same places in Ukraine?

• Vote for the best travel brochure.


Yaremche is the best place to visit in Ukraine! The mountains are the highest and the most beautiful. The air is the cleanest in Yaremche.

Stay at the “Verkhovyna” Hotel. It is the most popular hotel in the area. It has the largest number of rooms for guests.

Breakfasts are the tastiest here and the service is the best.

For the most wonderful time of your life, don’t miss a holiday in the Ukrainian Carpathians!

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