Підручник Англійська мова 5 клас (5-й рік навчання) - А.М. Несвіт - Генеза 2018 рік

Unit 7. The Place Where I Live

Lesson 2

1. Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions about the buildings and places you see in the pictures. Use the words in the box on page 143.

• a monument • a bridge • a square • a street • a cinema • a castle • a school • a park • a supermarket • a church • a museum • a hotel •


A: Do you see a castle or a monument in Picture 2?

B: I see a castle there.

2. Read and complete the sentences. Use the words from Ex. 1.

1. The .. is the best place to see the river.

2. You can see children who play in the … .

3. There is the … to Princess Olha in the main … .

4. There is a … and two … in the centre of our town.

5. The .. is the best place to buy food.

6. You can learn about the history of the town in the local … .

3. Listen and read. What cities do the children live in?

A I live in Lviv. It is a beautiful city in the western part of Ukraine. It is full of things for the tourists to do and see. They can find many great museums, churches and old buildings. The most popular attractions in Lviv are the Pharmacy (Apteka) Museum, the Lviv Art Gallery and Market Square. Lviv also has some beautiful parks.

B I live in the south of Ukraine, in the city of Odessa. It is situated on the Black Sea coast. It is a very important port. It is the city of art, humour, theatres and museums. Odessa is full of historical, architectural and cultural sights. The most popular of them are the Potemkin Stairs, the Opera and Ballet House, Primorskiy Boulevard and the famous Odessa beach “Arcadia”.

4. Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions.

1. What is one of the oldest cities in Ukraine?

2. What city is situated on the Black Sea coast?

3. What are Lviv and Odessa famous for?

4. What city would you like to visit? Why?

5. Look through the text of Ex. 3, page 143 and complete the table.

The name of the city


Interesting facts

in the west of Ukraine

Conversation Lab

6. Speak in class. Act out the situation.

You’re in the youth camp. Introduce yourself. Talk about the place where you live.


A: My name is Danylo. I come from Vesele, a small village in Ukraine. I live in a small house with a beautiful garden around it. There’s a church, a school, a stadium and a post office in my village. There’s no shopping mall, no hospital, no library, and no cinema. There are no tall buildings there. There are not many cars and buses there. Vesele is wonderful. There is a park in the centre of the village and there are beaches nearby. Sometimes I get homesick for my native village.

B: My name is Olesia. I come from the city of Poltava, Ukraine. Poltava has a railway station and a domestic airport. There are a lot of shops, cafés, restaurants, cinemas, two theatres and libraries in the city. There are also lots of schools, colleges and universities there. Poltava has famous sights and attractions. The city’s main attraction is the National Historical Cultural Reserve “The Field of the Battle of Poltava.”

7. Write a letter to your English-speaking friend. Tell him / her about one of the most famous historical cities in Ukraine.

Start like this:

Dear …,

Thank you for your letter. In this letter I’d like to tell you about one of the most famous historical cities in Ukraine.

Finish with:

Write me soon and inform me about … .



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