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Unit 7. The Place Where I Live

Lesson 3

1. a) Listen and read.

City Squares

Little towns and big cities have interesting city squares. The squares have outdoor cafés, street vendors, street musicians, and pedestrians. There are many hotels, museums, art galleries and restaurants. At night, there are plenty of tourists in the squares.

b) Look at the photos. What do you see in them?


I see a fast-food restaurant on Times Square in New York. I also see a theatre there. The musical “Mamma Mia” is on.

A Time Square, New York, the USA: a fast-food restaurant, traffic, a theatre, the musical “Mamma Mia”.

B Trafalgar Square, London, the UK: the National Art Gallery, fountains, tourists.

C Market Square, Norwich, the UK: market stalls, houses, trees, shops.

D Fountains in City Square, Leeds, the UK: fountains, buildings, a restaurant.

E Independence Square, Kyiv, Ukraine: a column with a monument to Berehynia, a building of a hotel, a building of the conservatory, a road with cars, people / pedestrians.

F Freedom Square, Kharkiv, Ukraine: the building of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, a monument, cars, trees, buildings.

2. Match the places (1-6) with the reasons why people visit them (a-f). Then talk about these places as in the example.

Why do people go there?

1. A cinema

a) to visit a doctor, to cure one’s teeth, etc;

2. A park

b) to watch a film, a cartoon, etc;

3. A museum

c) to get / change money, to pay the bills;

4. A bank

d) to buy stamps, greeting cards;

5. A post office

e) to look at the beautiful objects, to learn new things;

6. A polyclinic

f) to have a rest, to enjoy nature, etc.


A: Do many people go there to watch films?

B: Yes, they do. Children go there to watch cartoons, too.

A: It’s a cinema.

3. Read and say where you can hear the following sentences and questions.

• a street • the Sports Centre • a theatre • a supermarket • the Zoo • a market place •

1. Ann: “Is a fairy tale “Cinderella” on?”

2. Steve: “Let’s take some exercises there.”

3. Dan: “We can’t cross the street - the traffic light is red.”

4. Molly: “Are crocodiles dangerous animals?”

5. Kim: “Are those biscuits freshly-baked?”

6. Jane: “Can I have a kilo of apples, please?”

4. Read and complete the gaps with the correct items A, B or C.

My town is quite large. It’s an old town but it looks good, especially the square in the town centre. It (1) … famous for its 500- year-old houses.

We (2) … trams or underground trains, but there is an excellent bus service. My town (3) … got goodcafés and restaurants. Many people like to have meals there. We’ve also got two cinemas, where you (4)… watch films and a theatre where you can watch the plays. There is also a museum which I’ve been to with our class a few times. There are many nice things there. I am interested in sport, especially swimming. There is a sports centre in our town.


It has a gym and a swimming pool. I (5)… there very often. My brother (6)…to play football. We (7)…some lovely parks but none of them has football pitches. That’s the only thing I would like to improve about my town.


A are

B is

C was


A doesn’t have

B didn’t have

C don’t have


A has

B have

C had


A can’t

B can

C could


A goes

B went

C go


A likes

B like

C liked


A has

B have

C had

Mini-project “Our Community Centre"

5. a) Draw a picture of your community centre. Include the details, such as, local shops, a post office, fountains, etc. Use the text of Ex. 4, page 146 as an example and the prompts given below.

I live… . There are a lot of… . There are not many… . There is a … there. There isn’t … there. I like / don’t like to live there because … .

b) Gallery Walk. Put all your pictures on the board and talk about them. Vote for the best picture.

6. Write 6-7 sentences about your community centre.

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