Підручник Англійська мова 5 клас (5-й рік навчання) - А.М. Несвіт - Генеза 2018 рік

Unit 7. The Place Where I Live

Lesson 4

1. Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions about your regional centre.

1. Is your regional centre large / old?

2. What means of transport are there in this town?

3. Is this town a cultural centre? Why?

4. Is there a sports centre in it?

5. What is one thing people would like to change?

Listening Lab

2. Listen to the text about Freedom Square in Kharkiv. Complete the sentences with the correct words.

1. The unique square is the largest / the smallest in Ukraine and one of the largest / the smallest in the world.

2. Two / three underground stations are under the square.

3. Freedom Square is the heart / the head of Kharkiv.

4. The Derzhprom building (the State Industry Building) became the first / the second skyscraper in the whole country.

5. You can see the famous building of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University / Kharkiv National Library.

6. There is an 11-storied / a 10-storied five-star hotel ‘Kharkiv Palace’ in the square.

7. Town’s major holidays, festivals, concerts and other events / competitions take place here.

3. Work in pairs. Read and act out the dialogue. Then make up similar ones about your regional centre.

A: Hi, Cindy? Where are you going?

B: Oh, hi, Helen! I’m going to Freedom Square. I want to meet my cousin at the underground station Derzhprom of Oleksiyivska Line.

A: What are you going to do then?

B: This is my cousin’s first visit to Kharkiv. So we would like to have a walk around the square in the city centre.

A: Is she going to stay at your place?

B: No, she is staying at the ‘Kharkiv Palace’ Hotel.

A: Let’s go to the cinema in the evening.

B: OK, that’s a good idea.

4. Complete the text “Donbas Arena” with the words from the box.

• centre • stadium • seats • year • form • rock • sports • Europe •


I live in Donetsk. One of the main attractions in my city is the modern five-star (1)…Donbas Arena opened in 2009. It has more than 50,000 (2) … . Donbas Arena has an unusual oval (3)…and a glass front of the building.

It has the Ukraine’s largest (4)…museum - the Museum of the Ukrainian Football Club ‘Shakhtar’, several restaurants, and a fitness (5) … In front of the stadium there is a unique 28-ton ball-fountain - the largest in(6)… . There is a fabulous park with a (7) … garden and many fountains around Donbas Arena. Football fans, tourists, Donetsk’s residents and guests come here every (8)… .

Conversation Lab

5. Speak in class. Talk about your regional centre and its famous landmarks. Start like this:

I live in … region. It is in the north / east / west / south of Ukraine. The city of is our regional centre.

6. Write 7-8 sentences about your regional centre.


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