Підручник Англійська мова 5 клас (5-й рік навчання) - А.М. Несвіт - Генеза 2018 рік

Unit 7. The Place Where I Live

Lesson 7

1. Listen and read. Ann and Peter are in the youth camp now. Find out what they say about their places of living.

Ann: Hi, My name is Ann. Nice to meet you!

Peter: Hi, I’m Peter. Nice to meet you, too!

Ann: Peter, where do you come from?

Peter: I come from Western Ukraine. I live in a tourist town of Vorokhta.

Ann: Do you like living there?

Peter: Certainly. My town is situated in the mountains. The nature is beautiful there. And where do you come from?

Ann: Oh, I live in a small town of Vyshhorod not far from Kyiv. It is small, but there is a cinema, a library, a museum, a bank and many shops there. We live on the fifth floor of a nine-storied building.

Peter: We live in a private house. We have an orchard and a kitchen garden. We like to grow vegetables and fruit. And, of course, we have a lot of flowers around the house. And what about you?

Ann: We live in a flat. There are three rooms in it. We have neither kitchen garden nor orchard, but we have a lot of flowers in our flat.

Peter: Oh! It’s almost dinner time!

Ann: Let’s go and have dinner.

2. Read and tick the statements T (True) or F (False). Correct the false statements.

Example: Vyshhorod is situated in the mountains. - F, Vorokhta is situated in the mountains.

1. Both Ann and Peter live in towns.

2. Peter tells Ann about different buildings in his town.

3. Ann lives not far from the capital of Ukraine.

4. There are kitchen gardens and orchards in Vorokhta.

5. There are many blocks of flats in Vorokhta.

6. Both Ann and Peter like to grow flowers.

3. Look through the dialogue of Ex. 1 and complete the table. Add information.



4. Write sentences in your exercise books. What is the difference between a life in a town and in the village?


In towns people live in block of flats. In the village they live in private houses.

5. Read the text about the village of Dikanka.

My granny lives in a nice village of Dikanka in Poltava Region. It is rich in natural, architectural, and historical sights. A natural landmark there is the beautiful lilac grove1. In the seventeenth century the first owner of Dikanka Kochubey planted it for his sick daughter Anna.

Last summer I went with my granny to the architectural complex “Evenings On a Farm Near Dikanka”. I felt the life of the real Ukrainian village there. I tasted the famous fruit dumplings, Cossack’s potatoes, and the real Ukrainian borshch with pampushkas.

1the lilac grove - бузковий гай

6. Write the answers to the questions given below.

1. Is Dikanka rich in natural, architectural, and historical sights?

2. What is the name of a natural landmark in Dikanka?

3. When do many tourists try to visit Dikanka?

4. What did the girl like about the architectural complex “Evenings On a Farm Near Dikanka”?

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