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Unit 7. The Place Where I Live

Lesson 9

1. Listen, read and act out the dialogue.

Ann: Hi, Steve! How are you?

Steve: Thanks, fine.

Ann: Have you prepared the project on Sevastopol yet?

Steve: Well, I’ve just finished it.

Ann: Was it difficult?

Steve: Oh, no! My grandparents live there and I know a lot about this city.

Ann: Where is Sevastopol situated?

Steve: It is situated in the Crimea on the Black Sea coast.

Ann: Where do your grandparents live in Sevastopol?

Steve: They live not far from the Bay of Sevastopol. They live in a three-room flat on the ninth floor of a multi-storied building. The windows of their flat face the sea.

Ann: Is Sevastopol a large or a small city?

Steve: It is a large city. There are many cinemas, theatres, museums, shops, cafés and restaurants there. It is also a large port.

Ann: Is there a beach nearby?

Steve: Oh, yes. There is a large sandy beach not far from the place where they live.

Ann: What is your favourite place there?

Steve: My favourite place is the Dolphinarium. I always visit it when I come to Sevastopol.

2. Read and choose the correct items A, B or C to complete the sentences.

1. Sevastopol … a large city.

A are

B is

C has

2. I … already been to Sevastopol many times.

A has

B had

C have

3. I … there last August.

A was

B were

C is

4. What … you like during your trip to Sevastopol?

A does

B did

C shall

5. Last year I … many sailboats and ships coming and leaving.

A see

B seeing

C saw

6. Many people … the Dolphinarium in Sevastopol their favourite place.

A calls

B call

C calling

3. Put the words in the correct order to make questions. Then answer these questions.


have / they / a good / time / Did / yesterday? - Did they have a good time yesterday? - Yes, they did.

1. is / Sevastopol / Where / situated?

2. Steve / last / Ukrainian city / visit / did / What / August?

3. is / city / this / famous for / What?

4. What / does / Steve / visit / attraction / always?

5. like / he / it/ Does?

6. on / he / Has / the / project / finished / yet / Sevastopol?

4. Write sentences as if the events happened yesterday.

1. We often go on excursions to the Museum of History and Arts in Parkhomivka.

2. When I visit Pyrohovo, I feel the life of a real Ukrainian village.

3. You can see the building of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University in Freedom Square.

4. We learn about the “Battle of Poltava” at the lessons of History.

5. I always taste the traditional Ukrainian borshch with pampushkas in Dikanka.

Conversation Lab

5. Work in pairs. Read and act out the dialogues. Talk about the museums in the place where you live.

1. A: What are you going to do now?

B: I’ m going to the museum of … What about you?

A: I’m going to buy bread and milk. Can we meet a bit later and go to the museum together?

2. A: Is there the Museum of Folk Arts in your city / town / village? B: Yes, there is. / No, there isn’t.

3. A: Miss Alison, will we go to the … tomorrow?

B: Sure. We’ll meet at school and go on an excursion to the … .

6. Write about the places you visited last summer. Start like this:

Last summer I was … . I was there with … . We visited … .

We went on an excursion to … . It was … .

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