Підручник Англійська мова 5 клас (5-й рік навчання) - А.М. Несвіт - Генеза 2018 рік

Unit 8. Holidavs and Traditions

Lessons 1 -2

1. Match the pictures (A-E) with the words in the box. Then talk about these holidays. What countries do people celebrate them in?


A New Year Tree (a Christmas Tree) is one of the symbols of New Year’s Day. People celebrate New Year’s Day in Ukraine, Great Britain and the USA. They decorate the Christmas Tree, send postcards to their relatives and buy Christmas presents.

• Easter • Mother’s Day • Christmas • New Year’s Day •Halloween •

2. Work in pairs. Ask your friend questions about one of his / her favourite holidays. Use the prompts given below.


What / favourite holiday?

When / celebrate?

A: What is your favourite holiday?

B: It’s New Year.

A: When do you celebrate it?

B: We celebrate it on the 31st of December.

1. What / favourite holiday?

When / celebrate?

2. Where / celebrate?

What / buy?

3. Who / celebrate with?

What / do?

4. What / cook?

How many / come to your place?

3. Listen and read the invitations. Then ask and answer the questions.

What is the occasion? Who is inviting whom? When and where do the events take place?

Dear Alice,

My birthday is next week.

Please come to my party on Saturday, 4th November at 14.00.

My address is 15 Pushkin Street, Flat 57.

See you then!



Please join us to celebrate CHRISTMAS

Friday, 25th December at 7:00 pm Drinks and Dessert

Meet in our school assembly hall.

Wear a Holiday Costume or a Mask!


We are waiting for you on Saturday, 31 October at 5:00 pm 17, the High Street

Room 25

School Students’ Team


Dear Mums and Grannies, We invite you to the school concert on Friday, 5th May at 3:00 pm

School Assembly Hall Class 5A

Grammar Lab: Cardinal and Ordinal Numerals

We use cardinal numerals to talk about the number of things.

We use ordinal numerals to talk about the order of things.

I go to school Number Five. I am in the fifth form.

See Grammar Reference on p. 209.

4. Listen and repeat.

1st - first, 2nd - second, 3rd - third, 4th - fourth, 5th - fifth, 6th - sixth, 7th - seventh, 8th - eighth, 9th - ninth, 10th - tenth, 11th - eleventh, 12th - twelfth, 13th - thirteenth, 14th - fourteenth, 15th - fifteenth, 6th - sixteenth, 17th - seventeenth, 18th - eighteenth, 19th - nineteenth, 20th - twentieth, 21st - twenty-first, 30th - thirtieth, 31st - thirty-first.

5. a) Speak in class. Say the dates. What holidays do we celebrate on these days?

• May Day • Christmas • Independence Day • Victory Day • The Day of Knowledge • Halloween • New Year • St. Valentine’s Day •Women’s Day • Easter • St. Nicholas’ Day • Constitution Day •


7th January - The Seventh of January. We celebrate Christmas on the seventh of January.

14 / 01; 14 / 02; 8 / 03; 23 / 04; 1 / 05; 9 / 05; 28 / 06; 24 / 08; 1 / 09; 31 / 10; 19 / 12; 25 / 12.

b) Work in pairs. Ask and answer.


A: When is your birthday?

B: It’s on the fourth of November.

6. Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions about holidays.

1. When do people celebrate Christmas in Great Britain?

2. When do people celebrate Christmas in Ukraine?

3. When do you celebrate Easter?

4. When do the English people celebrate Halloween?


Conversation Lab

7. Work in pairs. Tell your friend about your special days.

A: What do you do at New Year?

B: We decorate a Christmas Tree.

A: What happens when there is a festival in your town?

B: We usually have a firework display.

8. Write a note to a friend about a festival in your town. In your note say:

• when the festival is;

• what you usually do at the festival;

• what you eat.

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