Підручник Англійська мова 5 клас (5-й рік навчання) - А.М. Несвіт - Генеза 2018 рік

Unit 1. My Family and Friends

Lesson 6

1. Listen and repeat.

2. Work in pairs. Read and act out the dialogues. Use the words from Ex. 1.


A: What do you do?

B: I’ m a firefighter. How about you?

A: I’m a hairdresser.


A: How long has your dad been a(n) …?

B: He’s been a(n) … for … months (years).


Alex: Dan, who is this woman?

Dan: She is my mother.

Alex: What does your mother do?

Dan: Guess what she does! She works with little boys and girls.

Alex: Oh, I know! She is a teacher. And little boys and girls are her pupils.

Dan: No, she isn’t a teacher. Her little boys and girls are not her pupils. They are her patients.

Alex: Then, she is a doctor, isn’t she?

Dan: Yes, she is.

3. a) Look at the pictures. Which of them reminds you of your family?

b) Listen and read. Say which picture A or B matches the text.

Dan: My family is very friendly. My parents take care of us. My father works in a bank. He is a manager there. He works from Monday to Friday.

Cooking is his hobby. My father sometimes cooks dinners at the weekend.

My mum is a shop-assistant. She also takes care about the family. At the weekend she often bakes apple pies or cakes.

My sister and me always help our parents to clean the kitchen and lay the table.

* * *

It is Saturday today. My father is in the kitchen now. He is making spaghetti and he is cooking Ukrainian borshch.

My mother is helping him. She is cutting the vegetables: cucumbers, tomatoes and onions. I’m doing the washing up.

4. Read and choose the correct item to answer the questions.

1. What is Dan’s father?

a) An engineer.

b) A doctor.

c) A manager.

2. What is Dan’s mother occupation?

a) She is a teacher.

b) She is an accountant.

c) She is a shop-assistant.

3. Who cooks dinners on weekends?

a) Dan’s mother.

b) Dan’s father.

c) The whole family.

4. What is the family doing now?

a) Doing the shopping.

b) Cooking.

c) Cleaning the house.

5. How often do Dan and his sister help their parents?

a) Always.

b) Sometimes.

c) Never.

Grammar Lab: Present Simple Tense /Present Continuous Tense

Present Simple Tense

I go to school every day.

My brother works in an office. He usually goes there by car.

Present Continuous Tense

My brother is doing a project now.

He is discussing the project with his friend at the moment.

Are the actions happening now or do they usually happen?

Which words tell you?

See Grammar Reference pp. 211, 213.

5. Look through the text of Ex. 3. Which sentences are happening now (N) and which happen usually (U)?

__ 1. My father works in the bank.

__ 2. He cooks dinners at the weekend.

__ 3. My father is making spaghetti.

__ 4. My mother is helping him.

__ 5. My mother also takes care about the family.

6. a) Look at the picture and say what the people are doing now.

b) Play a game. Work in two groups. Close your books. Take turns to ask and answer the questions about the picture.


How many people are there in the family?

What is each member of the family doing?

Does the father usually read newspapers in the evening?

7. Read and complete the text with the words from the box. Use the Present Simple or the Present Continuous Tense.

• to come • to help • to make • to dust • to do (x2) • to like • to rain • to have (x2) • to take • to wear • to clean •

Kim… her parents every day. Monday to Friday, when she … back home from school, she … her room and … the furniture.

On Saturdays she … the shopping. On Sunday she … her grandparents to work in the garden. She says, “I … to spend time on doing things about the house. That … my family happier.

I have got many friends at school. Today we … a school project about the weather, so I’m very busy. Today it … , so all the people … their umbrellas with them. They also … rain coats.”

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