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Unit 8. Holidavs and Traditions

Lessons 7-8

1. Match the phrases in the box with the names of the holidays. Then talk about them.


In Great Britain, people cook a turkey for a holiday meal.

In my family, we always celebrate birthdays. My mum makes a birthday cake.


• New Year’s Day • Halloween • Birthdays • Christmas • Easter • Mother’s Day • Father’s Day • St. Valentine’s Day •

What People Do

• to cook a turkey • to make / send holiday cards • to hang up a stocking • to make a birthday cake • to decorate a Christmas Tree • to gather for a holiday dinner • to sing carols • to cook holiday meals • to prepare a Christmas pudding • to bring chocolate eggs • to give presents • to wear special clothes •

2. Listen and read. Say how people celebrate St. Valentine’s Day.

St. Valentine’s Day

February 14th is a special day. It’s St. Valentine’s Day. It’s a day to tell somebody that you love them. The holiday started in Europe more than 600 years ago. About 200 years ago people started sending Valentine’s cards. The cards have a message of friendship and love. Sometimes the cards don’t say who they are from. It’s a secret and the person never knows who sent the card. Today people celebrate St. Valentine’s Day all over the world. They send cards or give presents to those they love. They also share lovely short messages (SMS).

3. Read and complete the sentences.

1. People celebrate St. Valentine’s Day on … .

2. The holiday started … .

3. People started sending Valentine’s cards … .

4. The cards have … .

5. On St. Valentine’s Day people … .

6. Today they also … with the help of their mobile phones.

4. Read and tick the Valentine’s Day messages.

5. Listen to the dialogue and complete it with the words from the box given below. Are Ann and Dan in the same place? Act the dialogue out.

• a great time • the party • games • food • costumes • lemonade • funny • the flour • join •

Ann: Is (1) … going well?

Dan: Yes, it’s brilliant. We are having (2) … .

Ann: Are you all wearing (3) …?

Dan: Yes, we are. I am a Pirate.

Ann: Oh, no! I think you look (4) … .What kind of (5) are you playing?

Dan: We’re playing the musical chairs and (6) … game. They are great fun.

Ann: What about (7) …? What are you eating?

Dan: Well, there’s lots of sweets and cakes, and (8) … .

Ann: I’d like to (9) … you. See you in twenty minutes!

Conversation Lab

6. Read and act out the situation.

There is a school party at the moment. You are not there. Give a telephone call to your friend and ask questions about the party. Use Ex. 5, page 175 as an example.

7. Write a Valentine card for your friend. Use Ex. 4 as an example.

8. Write. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense form.

The Christmas Present

Ann really (1)(to want) a new mobile phone for Christmas. Ann (2) … (to ask) her parents if she could have it. And they(3) … (to say), “No, Santa has to get it for you”. On Christmas morning all the presents (4) … (to be) under the tree.

Ann asked, “(5) … (to be) it that I wanted?”

Her mum and dad said, “You’ll have to open it and find out.”

So the last present Ann opened (6) … (to be) the best one.

When she (7) … (to open) it she (8) … (to scream) in happiness, “Wow! It’s great!” and (9)(to dance) around the house.

That (10) … (to be) her new mobile telephone and the best Christmas of her life.

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