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Unit 8. Holidavs and Traditions

Extensive Reading

1. Ask and answer.

1. Have you got any school traditions?

2. What do you usually decorate your classroom with?

3. Do you usually prepare presents for your relatives (classmates)?

4. What is your favourite holiday celebration?

2. Read the text and say how Mr. Bear congratulated Mrs. Bear on a holiday.

Mrs. Bear’s Valentine

“It’s Valentine’s Day today,” says Mrs. Bear one morning.

“I know,” says Little Bear. “The postal worker has brought you a card. It’s got a heart on the envelope.”

Mrs. Bear opens it at once and reads it out loud:

“Now, I wonder who that’s from?” says Mrs. Bear with a smile. “There’s a paw mark at the bottom.”

Just then Little Bear sees something outside the window.

“Look,” he says, “there’s a jar of honey walking up the garden path.”

Mrs. Bear goes to the window. Somebody is carrying the biggest jar of honey she has ever seen. It has in large letters on the label.


Little Bear opens the door and the jar of honey walks in. “Daddy!” says Little Bear. “It’s YOU!”

“My Valentine,” says Mrs. Bear. And she gives Mr. Bear a big hug.

Then Mr. Bear, Mrs. Bear, and Little Bear all sit down and have hot tea and honey for special breakfast on Valentine’s Day.

Text Level

3. Look through the text and say who:

• reminds of Valentine’s Day in the morning;

• has brought Mrs. Bear a Valentine card;

• reads the Valentine’s card out loud;

• wrote the Valentine’s card to Mrs. Bear;

• brought a big jar of honey.

Sentence Level

4. Look through the text of Ex. 2, pp. 180-181 and complete the sentences with the necessary prepositions.

1. A card has got a heart … the envelope.

2. “I wonder who that’s from?” says Mrs. Bear … a smile.

3. Little Bear sees something … the window.

4. “There’s a jar … walking … the garden path,” says Little Bear.

5. The jar … honey has “To My Valentine”… large letters … the label.

6. Three Bears sit … and have hot tea and honey … special breakfast … Valentine’s Day.

Word Level

5. Look through the text and find the words with the following sounds:

1. /ei/: day, …

2. /ɔ:/: morning, …

3. /әƱ/: know, …

4. /aƱ/: loud,

5. /Λ/: one, …

6. /a:/: card, …

7. /i:/: reads, …

8. /h/: heart, …

6. Complete the following sentences with the necessary word.

1. It was … Day.

2. Little Bear sent his Mum a … in the …

3. Mrs. Bear saw a paw … at the bottom of the card.

4. Mr. Bear brought a … of … to Mrs. Bear.

5. Mrs. Bear gave Mr. Bear a big …

6. The Bears had special … on Valentine’s Day.

7. Write 7-8 sentences about the presents you got / gave on one of the holidays. Start like this:

It was … . I decided to give presents to my … .



Aim: To design a poster about your favourite holiday.


In class: Before you design a leaflet

• Work in pairs or in small groups.

1. Look at Ann and Dan’s poster about their favourite holiday. What holiday have they described in their poster? What information about this holiday have they included?


Out of class: Make a poster

• Work in small groups. Share the roles. Make parts of your poster. Write the description of a holiday and the way you usually celebrate it. Use the items:

What to wear / What to eat / What to do / Where to celebrate

You need:

• a sheet of paper A3;

• glue and scissors;

• some coloured pens, markers.


In class: Use your poster

• Show your poster to your classmates. Give them more information about your favourite holiday. Answer the questions.

• Read your classmates’ posters. What holiday have they described? Is their information interesting?

• Vote for the best poster.

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