Підручник Англійська мова 5 клас (5-й рік навчання) - А.М. Несвіт - Генеза 2018 рік

Unit 9. School Life

Lesson 8

1. Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions about your school subjects.

1. What school do you study at?

2. What form are you in?

3. What subjects do you study this year?

4. How many lessons a day do you have?

5. When do your lessons start?

6. When are your lessons over?

2. Read the pupils’ opinions about their school subjects and say what subjects they like and don’t like.

Serhiy: I’d like to be an engineer. It’s very important for me to know Mathematics well. People can’t build fine buildings or bridges without Mathematics. We can’t buy anything without Mathematics. I have got Maths lessons three times a week.

Anna: My favourite lesson is Nature Study. It’s so interesting for me to learn new things about the natural world. At the lessons we learn about plant and animal life. In my notebook I always draw and write about what I’ve learnt. It’s really great!

Danylo: I enjoy my school PE lessons. We have them twice a week. We usually wear our PE kits. These are yellow T-shirts and blue shorts. In early autumn and spring we have our PE lessons on the school sports ground. We run, jump and play different ball games there. It is not as difficult as Mathematics and it is not boring like History!

Kate: All school subjects are difficult and boring for me. I spend much time doing my home works. Drawing is the best subject for me. I draw all the time and everywhere. When I draw I use a pen, a pencil or a piece of chalk. When I paint I use my paints and paintbrushes.

3. Read and complete the sentences.

1. …likes animals and plants.

2. …loves making pictures.

3. …thinks that … is interesting / great / boring.

4. …thinks that … difficult / not difficult.

Conversation Lab

4. Speak in class. Talk about the school subjects your friends study at school. Use the words in the box given below.

• Mathematics • Ukrainian Literature • Ukrainian Language • Nature Study • History • Foreign Languages • Life and Health Care • English • German • French • Handicrafts • PE • Drawing •


At school Inna has got Mathematics every day.

At school Oles studies Handicrafts. He has got this lesson on Friday.

5. Make dialogues as in the example. Use the words and phrases in the boxes given on page 197.


A: Do the pupils do exercises at the lessons of English?

B: Yes, they do.

School Subjects

• Maths • Drawing • History • Nature Study •


• to count • to do the sums • to calculate • to use four rules of Mathematics • to read books / texts / rules • to do exercises • to answer the teachers’ and classmates’ questions • to listen to smb’s answers • to draw pictures / flowers / leaves / animals •

6. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense form.

1. Ivan … (to read) English fast, but I … (to read) English slowly.

2. Which languages…(you / to understand)? — I … (to understand) English and German a little.

3. Olha … (to like) Music, but she … (not / to like) Maths because it’s difficult for her.

4. When … (he / to have) six lessons?

5. … (you / to do) your homework yesterday?

6. … (Maths / to be) useful?

7. I … (to get) three good marks yesterday.

8. Steve … (already / to write) his composition.

9. They … (to answer) the teacher’s questions now.

10. Sue … (to have) lunch in the school canteen tomorrow.

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