Підручник Англійська мова 5 клас (5-й рік навчання) - А.М. Несвіт - Генеза 2018 рік

Unit 9. School Life

Lessons 9-10

1. Listen and repeat. Say what you usually do at the English lessons.


We usually read about life in Great Britain and the USA. Our teacher often tells us about people who live there.

• to learn new words • to read about Great Britain and the USA • to know more about people who live in Great Britain and in the USA • to study about people’s traditions • to write • to listen to poems and songs • to recite poems • to sing songs •

2. Listen and match the speakers (1-4) to the activities (A-D) they do at the English lessons.

3. Read what some children think of their English lessons.

Dan: Our English lessons are fantastic! I like them very much. I work hard at the lessons and at home and always get good marks. We organise English parties for primary school students. Sometimes I watch TV programmes on the Discovery Channel. They are in English.

Mary: I like our English lessons. We do different exercises, read the texts, play games, sing songs and speak a lot. I enjoy doing class projects with my friends. Last year we did a project on saving flora and fauna of our country.

Nick: Many people in the world speak English nowadays. I think English lessons are difficult. I have problems with spelling and pronunciation. But I work hard to know this language well. My friends help me with English grammar.

Diana: As for me, English is boring. My teacher gives us a lot of homework every day. The only thing I love about English is reading different stories in English. Some of them are very funny. I also like to learn about traditions people have in different countries. I enjoy participating in school parties.

4. Work in small groups. Discuss why Mary, Nick, Diana and Dan like or don’t like their English lessons.

Example: Mary likes her English lessons because she enjoys doing class projects.

5. Work in groups. Say what makes English lessons interesting or boring. Use the words and word combinations in the box given below.

• to write exercises / tests / stories / compositions • the textbook is nice • we read about • the teacher is good / knows the subject well • homework is / isn’t large • there is a lot of writing • there is / isn’t a lot to learn by heart •

Example: English is interesting because … . English is boring because … . English is difficult because … .

Conversation Lab

6. Listen, read and act out the dialogue.

Alex: You speak English very well, Dan.

Dan: I can read and speak English just a little.

Alex: Do your parents speak English?

Dan: My father speaks English very well. He was in Great Britain last year. My mum doesn’t speak English. Sometimes my sister Ann and me watch English cartoons on TV!

Alex: That’s nice. It can help you speak English better.

7. Work in pairs. Talk about your school English lessons. Say what you like / don’t like about them.

8. Write the answers to the questions.

1. What languages do you know?

2. When did you start learning English?

3. Can you understand English well?

4. Can you read and write English?

5. Why do you learn English?

6. Have you visited any English-speaking countries?

7. Do you have a penfriend from an English-speaking country?

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