Підручник Англійська мова 5 клас (5-ий рік навчання) - О. Д. Карпюк - Астон 2018 рік




1. Say if you have a pen-friend (e-mail friend) who writes his / her letters in English.

• If yes, does it help you in learning English?

• If not, would you like to have one? Why?

2. Read and guess the words in the letter below.

Dear everybody,

Hi again. I'm David. My best pen-friend is Ihor.

He is from Kyiv, Ukraine. Ihor knows about four hundred English words but he is very clever.

He sends me pictures and I send him words:

Alphabet song







Dear David,

Copy the letter in your notebook. Use the words David sent to Ihor.

3. Answer the questions.

1. Is Ihor a clever boy?

2. How many English words does Ihor know?

3. Is Ihor afraid of the English test?

4. Has he got problems with the letter 'H'? Why?

4. Ask and answer in pairs.

1. Are you doing a test today?

2. What is your favourite English song?

3. What is your favourite English sound?

4. Have you got problems with the letter 'H'?

5. Write three easy and three difficult words in your notebook.

6. Read and number the ways to learn English from 1 (the best way) to 5.

• on the Internet

• at school with a teacher

• talking to people in English

• at home using a book

• watching English films

• listening to stories in English


• Watch TV in English.

• Use the Internet.

• Look for English in cafés and shops.

• Write to or email a pen-friend.

• Use books and CDs in English.


1a) Before listening say if you can spell your name and your family name in English.

b) Listen to the phone call and say why the girl asks Ian Ashton to play some computer games with her.

2. Copy the questions and answer them in your notebook.

1. Who is at home?

2. Who is phoning?

3. Who works with Pam's mum?

4. Who hasn't got the key?

5. Who is unhappy?

6. Who is ready to help?

3. Ask and answer in pairs.

1. Is Ian's family name long?

2. Is it difficult to spell?

3. Is your family name long?

4. Is it difficult to spell?

5. Have you got problems with spelling?

6. Which letters are difficult?


There are 26 letters in the English alphabet. In a book from China, you don't see letters. You see hundreds of little pictures.

They are difficult to learn.

4. Listen and sing along.

A Spelling Rap

What's a B-A-T? It's a bat.

What's a C-A-T? It's a cat.

What's a B-O-Y? It's a boy.

What's a T-O-Y? It's a toy.

I love spelling and its fun.

S-U-N is sure for SUN, 'U' and 'You' just sound the same. Now you try and spell your name!

5. Spell.

• your name;

• your best friend's name;

• your mother's name;

• your teacher's name.

6. Read, guess and match. What do the letters stand for?

The United States of America


The United Kingdom


disk jockey


compact disk


personal computer


New York


Save our souls!


7. Play the game in a group.

1. Find the name of an English singer / American actor / a film star / a book.

2. Think about its spelling.

3. Say how to spell the name. Your friends must guess it.

4. Show the name to the group.


1. Read some sentences you can often hear in your English class. Divide them into two columns: column 'T' is for a teacher and column V is for a pupil.

• May I go out?

• Who is absent?

• What do we have for homework?

• Open your books on page 8, please!

• Here you are.

• Who wants to read?

• How do you say 'бджола' in English?

• Can you say that again, please?

• I've finished!

• Sorry, I'm late.

• Thank you.

• What does 'difficult' mean?

• Copy this into your notebooks!

• Be quiet, please!

2. Listen to some classroom situations.

Tick the sentences from task 1 that you hear.

3. a) Write the missing sentences.

1. T: You've got five minutes to finish this task.

P: …

T: Already?! Let me see.

2. T: I would like to see your notebook, Ted.

P: …

T: This is very nice and tidy. Well done Ted!

3. T: Yes, Ted, what is it?

P: …

T: Yes, but hurry back.

4. T: Your homework is on page 8, exercise 2.

P: …

T: Of course. Your homework is on page 8, exercise 2.

5. T: What is small, and sometimes dangerous, but gives honey?

P: …

T: A bee.

P: The answer is a bee.

T: That's correct. Now another riddle.

6. T: Who is absent?

P: Steve Martin, Jessica White, Tania Wild…

Knock, knock

P: Good morning! …

T: Come in Ted.

b) Work in pairs. Choose two dialogues and act them out.

4. Say why you learn English. Use the ideas below.

I learn English because I want to have friends from other countries.

• write e-mails in English

• be good at English

• speak over the phone to people from other countries

• travel to other countries

• make presentations in English

• watch films in English

• read English books

• sing English songs

• work and play with a computer


1. Read and say what subject is this text about?

… grammar rules help us to organize information that we know, and help us to speak, write and learn that language more easily.

… We organize words into parts of speech. For example, a 'house' and ' a dog' are nouns, 'nice' and 'new' are adjectives, 'I' and 'we' are pronouns,'in' and 'under' are prepositions…


Parts of Speech (Частини мови)

NOUNS: a fish, a king, a man, a pupil…

PRONOUNS: I, you, his, our, me, her, us…

ADJECTIVES: big, long, popular, important…

VERBS: to say, to swim, to learn, to play…

PREPOSITIONS: in, on, under…

2. Match and think of more examples.

3. a) Look at the pages from Olha s and mors vocabulary books and compare them.

b) Answer the questions.

• How do you learn new words?

• What is the difference between Ihor's and Olha's vocabulary books?

• How do you make your own vocabulary book?


1. Read a page from Andrew’s diary. Complete the sentences. Use the words on the left.






2. Write about your English lessons, your new English book and your teacher. Use task 1 as an example.


1. Complete with the words from the box. Use the degrees of comparison and put the adjectives into correct forms.

good (x3), beautiful, friendly, long (x2), bad, intelligent, tall

This is my class 5A. It is the best class in the whole school. I have a lot of friends. Pete is my … friend. We are both tall, but he is a bit… than me. There are 12 boys and 13 girls. All girls are very pretty, but Jenny is … . She has got… hair than Betty. I think she likes me. John and Tom are very … at football. John is … boy in the class. My favourite subject is Science, but I'm … than Kate. We always work and study together. I would like to be like my father. He is … person I know.

2. Match.













3. Guess the subjects (1-10). Say what you do in these lessons.

Example: In IT we learn how to use the computer.

In … we learn….

4. Ask and answer in pairs.

• How many subjects have you got?

• Is your timetable OK? Why?

• Who is your form teacher?

• Who is your favourite teacher?

• What are you good at?

• What are you bad at?

• How many pupils are there in your class?

• How many new pupils are there in your class? Who are they?

• Do you speak English with other people?

• Do you like working in groups in English lessons?

5. Write a short report about your school life. The questions above can help you. Start like this.

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