Підручник Англійська мова 5 клас (5-ий рік навчання) - О. Д. Карпюк - Астон 2018 рік



1. Listen and read the fairy tale.


A wise mother-cat and her two little kittens live in an old grey house. They live upstairs in an small bedroom. They sleep on a warm comfortable carpet in the middle of the room. Every morning the two kittens get up, brush their tails, wash their faces and go downstairs to the kitchen to have breakfast. They usually have milk and porridge for breakfast.

After breakfast they wash their cups, glasses and plates and go to the Cats’ Primary School. They take their school bags with pens, pencils, rulers and books. They are very clever, but they don’t like to go to school because they are a bit lazy. They don’t like to study foreign languages.

One day, the mother-cat and her kittens went for a walk to the park. Suddenly1, they saw a dog. The big dog was in front of them. The kittens were scared and began to cry. The dog looked at them and said:» Grrrrrr!»

At that moment, the mother-cat opened her mouth and said: «Grrrrrr!» The dog answered: ’’Grrrrrr!» and ran away. Then, the wise old cat turned to her kittens and said: «Now, you understand how important it is toknow a foreign language.»

1Suddenly ['s˄dnli]—раптом

2. Choose the correct sentence.

1. a) The mother-cat is funny.

b) The mother-cat is wise.

2. a) The mother-cat and her kittens live downstairs.

b) All the cats live upstairs.

3. a) Every morning the cat goes to the primary school.

b) Every morning the kittens go to the primary school.

4. a) The kittens are fond of foreign languages.

b) The kittens don’t like to go to school.

5. a) Cats and dogs speak the same language.

b) Cats and dogs speak different languages.

3. Look at the pictures and tell the story.

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