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Англійська мова 6 клас - Калініна Лариса

My Summer Diary


I. Conversation Warm-up

Look at the pictures below. What summer holidays did these children have? What plans did you have?

Example: I planned to go to the seaside.


II. Pronunciation Warm-up

Read and practise the sounds /е/, /æ/. Say how you feel about the end of summer.


Is summer over?

Yes, it is.

Do you feel unhappy?

I’m full of regret.

Did you have a nice time?

I sure did.

Did you part with your friends?

How very sad!


III. Grammar Smart

Read and recall!

to plan - planned

to dream - dreamt

to want - wanted

to sing - sang

to play - played

to make - made

to visit - visited

to think - thought

to dance - danced

to bring - brought

to swim - swam

to take - taught


1. Let’s play a grammar chain game.

Example: Steven: I swam in the river in summer.

Helen: I sang new songs in summer...


2. Complete the sentences.

Example: I made many new friends last summer. 

We were playing in the yard all day long.

1. ... in June.

2. ... in July.

3. ... in August.

4. ... last summer.

5. ... all day long.

6. ... the whole summer.


IV. Time to Listen and Read


1.   Listen to / read in pairs and say what the children planned to do in summer.


Paul: Hi, Lucy. Did you enjoy your summer holidays?

Lucy: A lot. I had the time of my life.

Paul: Did all your plans come true?

Lucy: Exactly. I planned to visit my relatives in Kyiv, and I did. Besides, I wanted to learn rollerskating and oh, it was great. How about you?

Paul: Nothing to boast of. As my parents worked all the summer, I had to stay in town. It was not that exciting, you know. But I rode my bike every day and read a lot. It made me feel better. Lucy: I bet you read some new fantasy books. They are your favourite, aren’t they?

Paul: Sure. I also planned to read a collection of Jack London’s stories but, unfortunately, the school library closed for the summer break.

Lucy: Come, come! You can do it later. By the way, I’ve got a surprise for you - a souvenir from Kyiv. It’s a photo I took in Khreschatyk.

Paul: How nice of you! Thanks a lot.

Lucy: My pleasure.


2. Read the sentences and match them to the characters - Lucy and Paul.

1. Did you enjoy your summer holidays?

2. As my parents worked all the summer, I had to stay in town.

3. I planned to visit my relatives in Kyiv, and I did it.

4. I’ve got a surprise for you - a souvenir from Kyiv.

5. I learned rollerskating. It was great.


3. In the text “Summer Holidays Plans” find the words for the following areas and make up sentences with them.

Example: Did you enjoy your summer holidays?


V. Time to Communicate

a)     In pairs, talk about your summer holiday plans. Say which of them came true. Follow the pattern.


A: Hi, Ann. Did you enjoy your summer holidays?

B: A lot. I had ... .

A: Did all your plans ... ?

B: Exactly. I planned to ...              . Besides, ...     .       How about you?

A: Nothing to boast of......

В: I bet ... .

A: Unfortunately ... and        ....

B: Come, come! You can ...       . By    the     way     ...     .

A: How nice of you! ....

B: My pleasure ....

b) Act as Lucy and describe your stay in Kyiv. Use the pictures and the word list.

to take pictures;

every other day;

to buy a souvenir;

to be one’s favourite.

 c) Act as Paul and tell your classmates about your summer holidays.


to ride a bike;

to swim in the river;

to read a fantasy book;



VI. Time to Write

At home: Write a short essay under the title “My Summer Holidays Plans”.

Go to Ex. 1, 2 of your Workbook


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