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Англійська мова 6 клас - Калініна Лариса

Unit Two: On Your Hobby Horse


2.5. My Progress in English


I.         Grammar Smart

Complete the story. Use am/is/are/was/were.


- What ... (1) you doing, Jack?

- I’... (2) watching the news.

- And what ... (3) you watching half an hour ago?

- I     ... (4) watching a TV quiz show. And maybe you want to know what I  ... (5) going to do in another half-hour, Tom?

- Yes, Jack, what ... (6) you going to do?

- I     ... (7) going to beat you if you don’t stop asking me silly         questions.

Check if you can:

II. Word Smart

Fill in the right word.

1.  Badminton isn’t as spectacular ... tennis.

2.  Many people do sports as a ... .

3.  I like to ... stamps.

4.  I am learning to ... the guitar this year.

5.  My friend is a real couch ....

6.  I hate ... operas.

Check if you can:

 III. Function Smart

Match the lines about hobbies to the lines expressing differences in tastes.


There’s nothing like playingfootball.


I like to collect coins the best.

I prefer indoor hobbies to out door activities.


Is your brother keen on music?

Why don’t you take up tennis?

I love it!

What?! You mean collecting things is useless?


I prefer to collect stamps.

Tastes differ.

Basketball is as exciting as football.

Okay, okay, let’s agree to differ.


But I love playing outdoors.

I don’t think so. He is more

interested in films.

















Check if you can:

IV. Time to Read

Read a letter from the English boy Phil. Choose the right answers to the questions.

Hooray! Summer has come. It means that my family and I will do travelling again. Travelling is a hobby with all of us in the family. My dad says that summer is no time for sitting in the rocking chair and doing nothing for days on end.

Last year my parents bought a new 24-foot travel trailer. It’s our home on wheels. It has all the conveniences of a modern home. There’s a bathroom, a bedroom, a small kitchen complete with oven, refrigerator, sink and cabinets, and a dining room. It’s big enough to live in comfortably when on holiday.

It has been my cherished dream for a long time to be out in the wilderness for several weeks, away from civilization. With our motor home, we’ll get to Sherwood Forest, famous in old stories as the place where Robin Hood’s Merry Men lived and fought against the Sheriff of Nottingham. It used to be a very large forest, but only a small part of it still remains. It is preserved as a country park near Nottingham. I’m sure to feel like Robin Hood and have the time of my life.

1.  What is Phil’s hobby?

a) driving;                b) travelling;           c) dreaming.

2.   What did his parents buy last year?

a) a new house;    b) a rocking chair;       c) a new trailer.

3.  What do they NOT have in their home on wheels?

a) a bathroom;          b) a garage;       c) a kitchen.

4. What did the boy dream about?

a) to go away from civilization on holiday;

b) to stay at home on holiday;

c) to stay in a comfortable hotel on holiday.

5. What is NOT true about Robin Hood?

a) He lived in Sherwood Forest;

b) He was alone in the forest;

c) He fought against the Sheriff of Nottingham.

6. What is Sherwood Forest like these days?

a) a park;

b) a very large forest;

c) a residential area.

Check if you can:

V. Time to Listen

Listen to Martha’s story about her hobby and mark the true statements.

1.  Martha’s hobby is basketball.

2.  She is tall enough to do well at basketball.

3.  She is going to basketball camp.

4.  She often supports her school team.

5.  She wants to become a cheerleader.

6.  The team spirit means a lot to Martha.

Check if you can:

 VI. Time to Write

Write a letter to Martha / Phil about your hobby. Check if you can:


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