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Англійська мова 6 клас - Калініна Лариса

Unit Three: School Life


3.5. My Progress in English


I.          Grammar Smart

Fill in the sentences with that’s why or because.

1. I have a good command of English, ... I work hard on it.

2. Nick wants to play basketball ... he has joined our school basketball club.

3. I love animals ... I have many pets at home.

4. My friend is never late for classes ... he is punctual.

5. Ann has a nice voice ... she sings in our school choir.

6. We do everything in time ... we plan everything ahead.

Check if you can:


II. Word Smart

Paraphrase the sentences.

1. Alex always forgets things.

2.  Dan knows much about computers.

3.  This  is the place where we have our PE lessons in cold weather.

4.  This  is the place where we have our school meetings or concerts.

5.  Helen is in the sixth form.

6.  This is a big group of singing people.

Check if you can:

III.    Function Smart

Match the lines of the dialogues.

1.   There’s nothing like singing for me.

2. Are you also keen on history?

3. I like to watch TV after classes.

4. I like English.

5. I am interested in knitting.

6. Julia likes Botany and I’m keen on Math.

a) In contrast with you I prefer computers to TV.

b) As for me I prefer dancing to singing.

c) Knitting is not for me. I prefer active rest, like swimming or running.

d) To each his own.

e) No, I’m not fond of history, I like Geography.

f) And I like German. Tastes differ, you know.

 Check if you can:


IV. Time to Read

Read the story and correct the statements.


...It was May 17, 2157, when Tommy found a real book. It was a very old book. Margie’s grandfather said that when he was a little boy, his grandfather told him that there was a time when the stories were printed on paper. It was awfully funny to read words that stood still instead of working on a screen.

“Gee”, said Tommy, “What a waste! When you finish the book, you just throw it away, I guess. Our television screen must have had a million books on it and it’s good for plenty more. I wouldn’t throw it away”.

“Same with me”, said Margie. She was eleven and hadn’t seen as many telebooks as Tommy had. He was thirteen.

She asked “What is the book about?”


Margie was scornful . “School?” “What’s there to write about school? I hate school.” Margie always hated school, but now she hated it more than ever. The mechanical teacher had been giving her test after test in geography. She had been doing worse and worse until her mother called for the County Inspector who took the teacher with him. Margie had hoped that he wouldn’t know how to put the teacher together again. They had once taken Tommy’s teacher for nearly a month because the history sector was out of order. But the inspector knew all right, and, after an hour or so, there it was again, large and black and ugly, with a big screen on which all the lessons were shown and the questions were asked. That wasn’t so bad. The part Margie hated most was the slot where she had to put homework and test papers. She always had to write them in a punch code, her parents made her when she was six years old and the mechanical teacher calculated the mark in no time.

Adapted from “The Fun They Had” by I. Asimov

1. Tommy found a computer book in 2157.

2. Margie was thirteen.

3.  Margie saw many telebooks.

4.  Margie said she liked school.

5.  Margie’s teacher was the county inspector.

     6. Most of all she hated to write her homework in spelling.

Check if you can:


V. Time to Listen

Listen to Bill’s story and mark the true statements.

1. Tom and Bill have little in common.

2. Both are fond of watching TV.

3. The boys’ friends call them couch potatoes.

4. Bill found the “couch potato” in the phrase dictionary and learned its meaning.

5. Televiewing is a favourite pastime of many American kids.

6. Finally, the brothers found themselves in cheerleading.

Check if you can:

VI. Time to Write

Write a letter to your international friend and describe your school life. Check if you can:


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