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Англійська мова 6 клас - Калініна Лариса

Unit Five: Are you Good at Shopping?


5.5. My Progress in English


I.        Grammar Smart

Complete the conversation. Use should, have to, would you, should I, you’d better.

- Excuse me, I need a new sweater for my brother. ... you show me this one?

- Sure. But it is very small. How old is your brother?

- 15.

- Then you ... buy these ones: in green or in blue. ... have a look at them?

- Oh, I’m dazzled. ... buy this one or that one? ... ask your brother to try it on or it may be tight or loose on him.

- OK. ... we do it right now?

- Certainly. This is the fitting room.

Check if you can:

II.    Word Smart

Fill in the right word.

1.  You can buy flowers at the ... .

2.  Paper, pencils and pens are sold at the ... .

3.  Buy butter and milk at the ... .

4.  I’ve bought a nice pair of shoes at the ....

5.  There is a great selection of shirts and dresses at the... .

6.  Buy meat at the ... .

Check if you can:

III. Function Smart

Match the lines of offering to buy a present to the lines of agreement/ disagreement.













Ann adores tennis. Do you think it’s a good idea to present her with a new tennis ball.


Boris is interested in computing.


Why don’t we buy nice flowers for Alice?


I’d like to buy a teddy bear for Olha.


Steve can’t live without jazz.


Let’s present the girls with lots of chocolate.













A new computer game will be a good choice.


I think it will be a pleasant surprise. Toys are always to many girls’ liking.


I don’t think so. She has dozens of balls at home.


What if we buy a CD with New Orlean jazz?


I don’t think they will like them. Some girls don’t eat


Agreed. All the girls like flowers.



Check if you can:

IV. Time to Read

Read and choose the right answers to the questions.

Dear Oksana,

Yesterday my sister and I celebrated our birthdays. You are surprised, aren’t you? We are not twins but were born on the same day, only Alice was 8 years earlier. It has become a good family tradition to celebrate two birthdays at a time.

This year Alice was 21, and it is very important for her. Our granny says it symbolizes becoming an adult. It’s an old British tradition and in my family we try to keep them all.

I was also presented with many wonderful things, like an e-book and Justin Bieber’s latest CD. Have you ever heard them? Oh, he is great! I’ve seen his concert and liked his music a lot. His songs are really fantastic!

But most of all I liked the embroidered blouse that you had sent me! It’s amazing how you can embroider so well! I was wearing it at a party and all my guests couldn’t help admiring the blouse and of course me in it! I told them about Ukrainian traditions of embroidering. Some girls felt even jealous!

I really enjoyed my birthday. Mum and Dad and my granny gave me money, because I’m saving it for my trip to Ukraine. Maybe you’ll teach me how to embroider and I will make one for my sister?

I hope you are doing fine. Thanks again for your lovely present.

Lots of Love,


1. How old is Nancy?

a) 21; b) 13; c) 8.

2. Why was her sister’s birthday very important?

a) because she became an adult;

b) because she entered the university;

c) because she got married.

3. What was Nancy presented with?

a) an e-book and a CD;

b) a music album and a book;

c) an album and an e-book.

4. What music did the girl enjoy?

a) rock music;

b) jazz music;

c) pop music.

5. What birthday present did her Ukrainian friend send her?

a) an embroidered towel;

b) a CD with Ukrainian music;

c) an embroidered blouse.

6. What for does Nancy save money?

a) for her trip to Ukraine;

b) for buying a blouse for her mom;

c) for a new music album.


Check if you can:

V. Time to Listen

Listen to the story about American way of shopping and mark the true statements.

1.  Americans buy food every week.

2.  They buy a lot of food at a time.

3.  Most Americans like food with a long shelf life.

4.  The supermarkets in the USA sell only food.

5.  Americans spend much time in the shopping malls.

6.  Children, especially teenagers, dislike shopping.

Check if you can:

VI. Time to Write

Write a story under such a title “Once I went shopping ...” Check if you can:


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