Англійська мова 6 клас - Калініна Лариса

Unit Six: Help Yourself to …


6.5. My Progress in English


I. Grammar Smart

Complete the story. Use is, have sold, tastes, go, doesn’t smell, goes, was

My favourite dish … 1) the hamburger. To me, it … 2) like nothing else on earth. You will be surprised to know that it … 3) of ham, though. The truth is that there is no ham in the hamburger, there is ham only in its name. The hamburger got its name from the German town of Hamburg, which … 4) famous for its steaks. German immigrants to the United States treated their new friends to the “hamburger steak”. The story … 5) that in 1904 hamburger steaks were served on buns for the first time. This became the usual way of eating hamburgers - they tasted so good!

Little by little, the hamburger became the most popular American food. All fast-food restaurants, such as McDonald’s and Burger King, … 6) millions of hamburgers this year.

My friends and I often … 7) to birthday parties there. A good hamburger is a real treat.

Check if you can:

 II.    Word Smart

Fill in the right word.

1.  Fruit salad is full of … .

2.  We’ll have a three-course … today.

3.  My mum knows a lot of kitchen … .

4.  The pudding tastes ….

5.  Mind your table … .

6.  You’re a real ….

Check if you can:

III. Function Smart

Match the lines of offering food to the lines about its taste / smell.







Help yourself to some biscuits. This is my favourite sponge cake.

How do you like this apple pie?

May I treat you to some grapes?

Would you like some peaches? Let’s have a cabbage salad to begin with.







Wow! It tastes like nothing else on earth!

With pleasure. I love peaches and apricots.

They smell delicious!

No, thanks. I’m not a fruit person.

It smells good, but the apples taste a bit sour.

Agreed. Vegetables are full of vitamins.

Check if you can:

IV. Time to Read

Read a letter of the English boy Phil. Choose the right answers to the questions.

It’s lunch time - time to have a sandwich, which is popular as a light midday meal in England. Sandwiches are two or more slices of bread and butter with meat, cheese, tomato or other products between. The best thing about a sandwich to me is that I can eat it with my hands. It means no knife, no fork, no table manners. Fantastic, isn’t it?

I usually buy sandwiches from sandwich bars which sell a lot of different sandwiches - even those in American style. For example, dogwood sandwiches - very large ones filled with a variety of meat, cheese and the like. You have noticed that I’m a sandwich person. Even more so, because my granny was born in the town of Sandwich (it’s on the south coast of Kent). She says that the first sandwich appeared right there about 300 years ago. It was invented by the 4th Earl of Sandwich, Henry Sandwich, as a quick and easy meal while card playing.

May I treat you to a sandwich, too?

1.  When do English people have lunch?

a) in the morning;

b) early in the afternoon;

c) late in the afternoon.

2.  What do many English people have for lunch?

a) porridge;

b) bacon and eggs;

c) a sandwich.

3.  What is a sandwich?

a) a slice of buttered bread;

b) two slices of bread;

c) two or more slices of bread with some products between.

4.  How should you eat a sandwich?

a) with your hands;

b) with a knife and a fork;

c) with table manners.

5.  What is not true about dogwood sandwiches?

a) They are very large;

b) They are filled with meat or cheese;

c) They are in British style.

6.  When did first sandwiches appear?

a) in the 20th century;

b) in the 19th century;

c) in the 17th-18th centuries.

Check if you can:


V. Time to Listen

Listen to the story about an American boy’s tastes in food and mark the true statements.

1.  Brenclon knows much about food.

2.  Brendon has a sweet tooth.

3.  The boy can cook international dishes.

4.  Brendon takes his cousin out to eat.

5.  The boy’s grandpa can cook very well.

6.  Brendon’s hamburgers taste fantastic.

Check if you can:

VI. Time to Write

Write a detailed answer to the question “I’m a foodie, and you?” Check if you can:

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