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Англійська мова 6 клас - Калініна Лариса

Unit Seven: Welcome to the English-speaking World


7.5. My Progress in English


I.       Grammar Smart

Fill in the article a/an, the or no article in the sentences below.

1. We live in ... Europe, in ... Ukraine, to be exact.

2. We have some relatives in ... Canada and ... USA.

3. ... James Cook is a national hero of ... Britain.

4. In ... spring, the fruit trees break into blossom in ...Washington, DC.

5. There is a monument to ... Lincoln in Washington, DC.

6.  ... Canberra is the capital city of ... Australia.

Check if you can:

II. Word Smart

Insert the prepositions

1.  Tourists were staring ... a marble stone structure.

2.  Canberra produced an unforgettable impression ... me.

3.  James Cook claimed a new land ... Britain.

4.  I felt ... home in Hyde Park.

5.  We’d like to have a mind trip ... New Zealand.

6.  Travelling in Australia we had the time ... our lives.

Check if you can:

III.    Function Smart

Match the lines of the dialogues.

1. Do you happen to know about the unique ski museum?

2. It’s an open secret that many sights in Washington are connected with the life of the presidents.

3. It’s a well-known fact that you can enjoy the whole panorama of town from its top.

4. They say New Zealand’s flora can take your breath away.

5. Australians celebrate Christmas on the beach when it is very hot.

a) So I have heard. I’ve read about the Lincoln monument, and want to know more about the White House.

b) Agreed. I can’t help admiring tulip-trees and magnolia trees.

c)  I do. This museum is in Canada. It’s pretty interesting.

d) There’s every reason for it, because the London Eye is the largest Ferris wheel in the world.

e) You don’t say so! Christmas on the beach? Never heard of it!

Check if you can:

 IV. Time to Read

Read a part of a traveller’s diary and choose the right answers to the questions.

15 May, Ottawa

“I’m in the middle,

I’m between...

I mean, I’m in the middle of sightseeing in Ontario, Canada’s second largest province. As it borders on four of the five Great Lakes. It’s only natural that I have visited the spectacular Niagara Falls, a true magnet for tourists. I found out that this famous waterfall actually consists of two parts - The American Falls and the Horseshoe Falls, and they are separated by Goat Island. Both the US and Canada have cities called Niagara Falls, and they are joined by Rainbow Bridge. It was such a picturesque view that it really took my breath away.

Now I’m on my way to Ottawa, Canada’s capital city which is also in Ontario. By the way, across the Ottawa River is its twin city, Hull, in the province of Quebec. I’m looking forward to seeing the Parliament Buildings. “Prince of Wales (Edward VII) laid the first stone of the Center Block in the 19thcentury, then the East and West blocks were added. The Center Block includes the House of Commons, the Senate Chamber, the Peace Tower and offices of Members of Parliament”, my guide book says.

I think I can already see the Peace Tower at a distance. It rises above the Parliament Buildings. It has an observation area, from which I’ll enjoy the most marvellous view of the whole city. The only pity is that it isn’t July or August now, because in those summer months the Guard performs a daily changing-the-guard ceremony in front of the Peace Tower. But never mind. There is more than enough to see in Ottawa as it is...

1. What is the second largest province in Canada? a) Quebec; b) Ontario; c) Vancouver.

2. Where can you see the Niagara Falls?

a) in the USA and in Canada;

b) in Canada and Brazil;

c) in the USA and Mexico.

3. What river is the capital of Canada situated on?

a) the Niagara Falls.

b) the Ottawa river.

c) the St. Laurence river.

4. What did a tourist want to see in Ottawa?

a) the Niagara Falls;

b) Rainbow Bridge;

c) the Parliament Buildings.

 5. Where from can tourists see the whole city - Ottawa?

a) the Peace Tower;

b) the Senate Chamber;

c) the House of Commons.

6.  When can the tourists see the guard ceremony near the Peace Tower?

a) in winter;

b) in spring;

c) in summer.

Check if you can:

V.  Time to Listen

Listen to Martha’s story about her trip to Australia anti mark the true statements.

1.  Canberra was Martha’s first destination in Australia.

2.  She is interested in architecture.

3.  The girl is not planning to visit any parks there.

4.  She knows much about Australian animals.

5.  Martha will take a lot of photos in Australia.

6. She will share her impressions with her friends. Check if you can:

VI. Time to Write

Plan a trip round the English-speaking world and write what country (countries) you would like to visit in spring / summer / autumn / winter. Give your reasons.

Check if you can:


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