Англійська мова 6 клас - Несвіт Алла

Introduction Welcome Back!


Lessons- 1-2.


1. Look at the pictures. Ask and answer the questions. Use the words in the box given below.

•   to meet in the school yard • to greet a new pupil in class • to play in the playground • to greet a teacher •

• Where are the children?

• Do they know each other?

• What are they doing?


2. Listen and read the dialogue. Then match it with one of the pictures in Ex. 1. Ann: Hi, Jane! How are you?

Jane: Hi, Ann! I’m fine, thanks. Where did you spend your summer holidays?

Ann: I went to the seaside with my parents. And you?

Jane: I visited my grandparents in Yaremcha.

Ann: Did you enjoy your time there?

Jane: Yes, I did. I took a lot of photos. Come and see them one day! Ann: Oh, look! Our classmates are coming.

Jane: Let’s go and meet them!


3. Agree or disagree.

1. The girls don’t know each other very well.

2. Both girls had a nice summer.

3. Ann took lots of photos in summer.


4. Match the words in the box to their definitions.

• seaside • classmates • holidays • summer •

1. The period of time when schoolchildren have a rest.

2. The season of the year when it is the warmest.

3. A place by the sea where people go on holiday.

4. Pupils who study in the same group.


5. Complete the sentences with the words from the dialogue of Ex.2.

1. What are the longest school……. ?

2. All my………. are interesting people.

3. Have you enjoyed your trip to the ……  ? - Yes, I have. I swam

in the sea almost all day long.

4. My favourite season is………. I have my birthday in July.

Grammar Lab: Articles

(See Grammar Reference pp. 181-182)


6. a) Complete the sentences with the necessary articles а I an, 0 or the. b) Look at the picture on page 7 and describe it.

Today is ……….  first of September…. children are in ….  school yard. They are.. happy teachers meet them before……… lessons.

Look at Dan! He has got ……….  bunch of flowers in .. ….. his hands  …… flowers are for Miss Alison.

Look at Ann! She has got ……..  new school bag in her hand….. school bag is pink and white.


Conversation Lab: Agree or Disagre


7. Work in pairs. Act out the dialogues as in the examples.

A: Did you visit your granny in summer?

B: Yes, I did.

A: Have you been to London in summer?

B: No, I haven’t.

1. you / to help your grandparents / Yes

2. you / to read a lot of books / No

3. you / to buy lots of souvenirs / Yes

4. you / to be in the youth camp / No


8. Write a paragraph about your summer holidays for a school newspaper. Include the following:

•   where you went;

•   who you went with;

•   what you did there;

•   what you liked I didn’t like about your trip.

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