Англійська мова 6 клас - Несвіт Алла

Unit 2. Shopping



Lessons 4-5.

1. Listen and repeat. Which shops are located in your neighbourhood?


There is a nice grocer’s not far from my house.



2.  Look at the pictures in Ex. 1 and say what things you can buy in these shops.


I can buy a loaf of bread at the bakery.

3.  Read and say what shops the children are in.



 4. Work in pairs. Look at the shopping list. Ask your friend where you can buy these things.


A: Where do you buy milk?

B: In the supermarket. Where do you buy a T-shirt?

A: At the clothes shop.


5.  Read and complete a dialogue with the words from the box. Then act it out.

•  tomorrow • sweets • shopping • centre • clothing •

Jane: Hi, Ann! What are you doing (1)   ?

Ann: Well, I don’t know. I think we’re going (2)      

Jane: Right. Do you like shopping on Saturday?

Ann: Of course, I do! My mum usually buys what I ask her. It can be a new item of (3) or something tasty, such as ice cream or (4)    And then we are going to the cinema.

Jane: Oh, which one?

Ann: You know, the new one in the Dream Town shopping (5)  

Jane: I might join you next Saturday. Ann: That’ll be really nice!



 Grammar Lab: Talking about future plans

• Use Present Continuous Tense when you are sure about your future plans.

• Use may / might when you are not sure about them.

6. Complete the sentences. Use the words from the box given below.

•   might go • might buy • may give • might do • might ask • might help •

1. Pm meeting Jack next Sunday. I    him to give me his new DVD.

2. We are going shopping tomorrow. We  a new toy for my sister.

3. He’s visiting his aunt next Saturday. They. the shopping together.

4. She’s having some free time tomorrow. She    to the swim ming pool.

5. They’re having a test tomorrow. Their teacher them some difficult questions.

6. They are preparing a shopping list for tomorrow. We them do that.

Conversation Lab


7.  Read and act out the situation.

You are in London. Your host family gave you some lunch money. You have £10.00 (ten pounds) to buy the food in the school canteen. You have to choose at least one food item from each category.



Apple………….. £0.50

Orange……….. £1.00

Banana……….. £1.00


Sausage sandwich . . . £1.25

Vegetable sandwich . . £0.70

Chicken sandwich . . . £1.50


Milk…………….. £0.60 / cup

Juice…………….. £1.50

Tea……………… £0.20


Biscuit…………. £0.40

Crisps………….. £1.20

Sweets…………. £0.25

What will you choose to eat from this list? Why?


I may / might buy an orange and a banana, because there are a lot of vitamins in fruit. Besides, I like these fruits very much. They are tasty.


8. Write about you plans for the coming weekend. Use the correct structures: the Present Continuous Tense or may / might.

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