Англійська мова 6 клас - Несвіт Алла

Unit 3.  Food and Drinks


Lessons 1-2.


1.  Listen and repeat. Match the pictures with the names of the products.

•   sweets • bread • hamburgers • yoghurt • chocolate • cereal • eggs • milk • cakes • butter • nuts • vegetables • jam • ice cream • cheese • fruit • spaghetti • a bag of flour •

2.     a) Work in pairs. Put the words from Ex. I in the correct column.

b) Add as many words to the different columns as possible. Then compare your lists with another pair and add any new words.



Meat / Fish



Sweets / Bakery products









3. Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions. Then explain the meaning of the words in boldprint1.

1. What do you usually have for breakfast?

2. What is usually bigger for you, lunch or dinner?

3. What is your favourite Ukrainian dish?

4. What is your favourite dessert?

5. Do you like to eat cereal for breakfast?

1 Words in boldprint - виділені слова.


 4. Work in pairs. Talk about the pictures in Ex. 1 on page 56 as in the example.


A: What food (products) do you like to eat?

В: I like fruit. I usually have an apple or a banana in my lunch box. I also like to eat tasty things, such as chocolates and sweets. My mum says that I mustn’t eat a lot of these.


5. Speak in class. Talk about food from Ex. 1 on page 56. What do you usually eat at home and at school? Your classmates guess the false information.


A: I usually eat bread and butter, and cheese for breakfast at home.

B: True.

A: I always eat hamburgers and apples at school.

B: False. They don’t sell hamburgers in our school canteen.


6. a) Read the title of the text. Say what products it is going to be about. Do you think that you eat the right food or not?

b) Read the text and check your ideas. What products do you need to add to your daily diet?

Eat the Right Food

People cannot live without food. Animals, fish, birds and plants cannot live without food either.

There are different kinds of food. Some kinds of food like bread, sugar, meat, butter, cheese and rice make you strong and give you energy.

Meat, fish and milk help you to grow. Vegetables, eggs and cornflakes make your bones and teeth strong. You should eat vegetables and fruit because they have got a lot of vitamins. Vitamins are important for your eyes, skin, bones, hair and for other parts of your body. There are thirteen types of vitamins (А, В, С and so on).

Eat the right food! Remember the proverb, «Good health is above wealth.»


7. Agree or disagree.

1. People can live without food.

2. Meat, fish and milk make your bones and teeth strong.

3. Vegetables, eggs and cornflakes help you to grow.

    4. Vitamins are important for your eyes, skin, bones, hair and for other parts of your body.

5. There are fourteen types of vitamins (А, В, С and so on).


8. Look at the pictures and match them to the words in the box.

• spicy • sweet • sour • salty • bitter •


1. Sugar - sweet

Grammar Lab: Verbs related to senses + Adjectives

Verbs related to senses are: to feel, to hear, to smell, to look, to see, to taste, to sound.

They are followed by adjectives, not adverbs:

This cake smells delicious. This coffee tastes bitter.

Conversation Lab


9. Complete the dialogues and act them out.

1. Mum: Would you like some …… in your tea?

Ann: Sure, pass me a  please.

2. Tom: Mum, give me some  please.

Mum: Why would you like to add it to your dish? Tom: I’d like to make it…………………………………

3. Jane: This  tastes too       Why have you put so much sugar in it?

Mum: Sorry, my dear. I didn’t notice how much sugar I put in it.

4. Kate: Dad, this  tastes   Will you pass me some sugar, please?

Dad:  Certainly!

5. Kim: Granny, why is this  …    ? I can’t eat it.

Granny: It’s OK, it’s not……


10. Write a paragraph about the food you eat. Use the questions below to help you.

• Which food do you eat to be strong and energetic?

• Which food helps you to grow?

• Which food with a lot of vitamins do you eat?

• Do you eat the right food?

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