Англійська мова 6 клас - Несвіт Алла

Unit 3.  Food and Drinks


Lessons 3-4.


1. a) Work in pairs. Таке turns to ask and answer the questions in the table. Add information.


A: Do you usually eat a big breakfast?

B: No, I don’t. I usually have a sandwich and a cup of tea. What about you?

A: I usually have a big breakfast. I have a bowl of cereal, eggs and toast.





• Do you eat a big breakfast?

• Do you cook breakfast by yourself?

• When do you eat your breakfast?

• What do you drink in the morning: tea or coffee?

•      Do you like to eat fast food in the morning?

•      Do you eat rice or potatoes in the morning?



2. Say what the members of your family usually have for breakfast. Use the words from the box on page 61.


 •      bread and butter • porridge • eggs • cheese • sausages • sandwiches • tea (with milk or with lemon) • coffee • milk • juice • cocoa • sweets • cookies • juice • puddings • pancakes •


3. Read and say what children usually have for breakfast on a typical day.

Kate: I always have a boiled egg, some toast and a glass of milk or orange juice for breakfast. I can’t go to school without breakfast. I usually have lunch at school. There’s a great choice of things to eat. You can have burgers, baked potatoes, pizza, sausages and lots of other things.

Kim: I love milk, so I always have cereal for breakfast with lots of milk on it! I don’t have school lunches. I buy my own. If I go to the cafe near school, I have a milkshake. Chocolate’s my favourite flavour.

Dan: I’m a vegetarian, so I don’t eat meat. I eat both cheese and eggs instead. I eat lots of fruit and vegetables, too. I start the day with either some fruit or yoghurt. I usually have a banana or an orange. I take a packed lunch to school with me. This is usually cheese sandwiches and a couple of apples.


4. Look through the text of Ex. 2 and say who:

•    thinks vegetables are healthy.                           Dan

•    only eats a little for breakfast.                            …

•    always has cereal for breakfast with lots of milk             …

•    can’t go to school without breakfast.                   …


5. Read and complete the sentences. Choose the correct word.

1. I was ……. tired. The porridge tastes….. (awful / awfully)

2. She cried……… This coffee tastes……. (bitter / bitterly)

3. Those flowers look……… She sings…… (beautiful / beautifully)

4. This dish tastes……… That was a….. creamy soup. (delicious / deliciously!).

5. Your tape recorder sounds……. The boy cooked….. (wonderful / wonderfully)

Conversation Lab


6. Read and act out the situations.

•    Tell your friend about your favourite dish.

•    Ask your friend about the dishes he / she usually eats for breakfast / lunch / dinner.


7. Read and act out a dialogue about the food you eat for breakfast. Start like this:

Ann: Hi, Tom! Why are you eating a banana? Haven’t you had breakfast?

Tom: Hi, Ann! You see, I cannot eat before going to school. And I always have a small snack of healthy food like nuts, fruit, vegetables or yoghurt.

Ann: But I always have my breakfast at home. I eat foods like cereal, bread, eggs, milk and dairy foods which keep me going until lunch.

Tom: …..

Ann: …..

8. Write a paragraph about your typical meals during the day. Use the questions given below to help you. What kinds of food do you eat every day?

•    Do you usually eat fruit and vegetables? What kinds?

•    How often do you drink milk or water?

•    What kinds of food do you like to cook?

•    Where do you usually buy your food?

1 Deliciously — надзвичайно смачно  

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