Англійська мова 6 клас - Несвіт Алла

Unit 3.  Food and Drinks


Lessons 7-8


Ustening Lab                                                                

1. Listen to the conversation. Name the things that Ann puts into the cake. Act the dialogue out.

Jane: This cake tastes delicious, Ann.

Ann: Thanks. I tried to do my best. Besides, it’s easy to make.

Jane: What is in it?

Ann: There’s flour, of course. And sugar, cocoa powder and baking soda.

Jane: Did you put in any eggs?

Ann: No, there aren’t any eggs. There’s a little salt, water and vegetable oil.

Jane: Is that it?

Ann: I think so. No… I forgot. There is vinegar and vanilla. That’s all.

Jane: Thanks. I’ll try to cook it myself.


2. Look at the picture and the title of the text in Ex. 3 on page 67. What are the man and boy doing? Where are they? What do you think the text is going to be about?


3. Read the first two paragraphs (A, B) and check your ideas. Then read the text and find the sentences which describe the process of cooking.

 A Day with Grandpa

By Mildred Pitts Walter

A At noon Justin and his grandpa came up to a small shed1.

B «We’ll have our lunch here,» Grandpa said. He took black iron pots2, some plates, knives, spoons and a table from the shed. They were going to cook outside.

C First, they collected wood, sticks and dry grass. Soon they had a hot fire. Grandpa carefully washed his hands. After that he began to cook their lunch.

D Justin watched how his Grandpa cooked. First he put raisins3 into a pot with a little water and placed them over the fire. Then he put flour in a pan. After that he made a hole right in the middle of the flour. In that hole Grandpa put some shortening4. Then he added water. He mixed the flour, water and shortening.

E Soon Grandpa started to cook the biscuits. In a few minutes the smell was so delicious that Justin could hardly wait.

1  A shed - укриття.

2  An iron pot - металевий горщик.

3  Raisins - родзинки.

4  Shortening - суміш для випічки.


4. Read the text of Ex. 3 and match the questions (1-6) with paragraphs (A-E).

1. Did the man or his grandson cook lunch?

2. Where did the man and the boy come one day?

3. How did Grandpa prepare the dough for the biscuits?

4. What did they collect for the fire?

5. Where did Grandpa cook the biscuits?

6. What things did they have to cook outside?


5. Read and complete the sentences with the correct item.

1. Justin and his grandpa came up to a small shed at…….

A one o’clock                   В twelve o’clock

2.   Grandpa cooked….

A fish soup                      В some biscuits

3.   Justin and his grandpa had lunch…..

A in the shed                  В outside

4.   They cooked their meals on…..

A a fire                           В a gas stove

5.   Speak in class. Talk about a picnic you once had with your parents or grandparents. What food did you eat? How did you cook outside?

Conversation Lab


6. Work in pairs. Complete the dialogue with the questions from the box and act it out.

• Can I make a sandwich for you?

• Would you prefer a ham or tuna sanwich?

• Can you wait for a minute?

• Are you hungry, dear?

Mum: (1)……..

Tom: Yes, I am very hungry and I’d like to eat something before having dinner.

Mum: (2)……..

Tom: Yes, sure. What sandwich can you make?

Mum: (3)……..

Tom: I prefer a ham sandwich. Do we have all the ingredients: bread, ketchup, ham and pickles?


Mum: My dear, we have everything. (4)…

Tom: Certainly, I am very hungry, but I can wait for a minute.


8.    Write questions to get more information.

I’ve bought lots of food today.

6.   We’re going to cook a traditional Ukrainian dish at the weekend.

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