Англійська мова 6 клас - Несвіт Алла

Unit 3.  Food and Drinks


Lessons 9-10.


1.    Listen and repeat. Then match the words in the box with their definitions.

• fresh • fried • frozen • raw • spicy • sweet • tasty • vegetarian •

1. With a hot, strong flavour.

2. Good, with lots of flavour.

3. Not cooked.

4. For people who don’t eat meat or fish.

5. Preserved by becoming very cold.

6. Cooked in hot oil.

7. Recently picked, caught or prepared.

8. With lots of sugar.


2. Write two types of food that go with each of the words in Ex. 1. Then check your list with your friend. Does he / she agree with you?


Fresh - fresh vegetables, fresh juice, etc.

   3. Listen and read. Complete the text with the words from the box given below.

• three courses • the biggest meal • a snack • supper • dinner • breakfast • fish fillets with a side dish • compote •

Meals and Cooking in Ukraine

The Ukrainians have meals four times a day and their cuisine is quite varied.

(1)…    is the first meal of the day. It is usually light - bread with butter or kasha (cereal) with milk. Some people may have pancakes with coffee or tea. Some people even eat soup but, of course, sandwiches and coffee are very popular. (2)…  is usually in the middle of the day. It is (3)… of the day. It includes (4)… People have a starter (salad, cheese, etc.), soup, steaks, chops or (5)…a lot of bread and something to drink like (6)… At four or five the Ukrainians may have something for (7)…  : cakes with juice, tea or something of the kind. (8) …. ,. in Ukraine means one more big meal at seven.

4.   Agree or disagree.

1. The Ukrainians have meals four times a day.

2. The Ukrainians can eat soup for breakfast.

3. Sandwiches and coffee are very popular in Ukraine.

4. Breakfast is usually the biggest meal of the day.

5. At four or five the Ukrainians may have something for a snack.

6. The Ukrainians have their biggest meal at seven.


 5. Make up questions to the following answers. Then work in pairs and practise them.

1. A:   ?

B: Yes, tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world.

2. A:….. ?

B: In Ukraine people drink tea with lemon.

3A: ……. ?

B: In England people drink tea with milk.

4.   A: ….. ?

B: Yes, tea comes from the leaves of a plant.

5.   A: ….. ?

B: The tea plant or bush needs a warm climate and lots of rain.

6.   A: ….. ?

B: It grows well in China, India, Japan, Turkey and some countries in Africa.

Conversation Lab


6.   Work in pairs. Act out the situation.

A guest from an English-speaking country is visiting you. He / She is interviewing you about the traditional Ukrainian dishes.

a) Write a list of questions about the traditional Ukrainian dishes.

b) Answer your guest’s questions.


7. Speak in class. Tell your classmates what you know about the traditional Ukrainian cuisine.


8.   Read the letter given below and write down Sue’s answer to it.

Dear Sue,

I’m just writing to thank you for inviting me to the picnic next Sunday. I think we’ll have a fantastic time together. It will be wonderful to spend time with you and your classmates.

Will you write me the details about the food, please? What kind of food do I need to take with me?

Thanks again and hope to see you soon.

All the best,


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