Англійська мова 6 клас - Несвіт Алла

Unit 4. Sports and Games


Lesson 1.


1. Listen and repeat. Say what kind of sport you are fond of.


A: I’m fond of athletics. And you?

B: I’m fond of judo.

Athletics ski-jumping cycling

Sailing boxing judo


2. Look at the pictures and say what kinds of sport the sportsmen enjoy.


Mr Johnson enjoys swimming.


3. Read and say why it is important to go in for sport.

Sport in Our Life

People all over the world are fond of sports and games. There are summer and winter sports. The most popular winter sports are skating and skiing. Some people greatly enjoy figure skating and ski- jumping. It’s so nice to go to a skating rink or to a forest on a frosty sunny day!

The most popular summer sports are swimming, cycling, and sailing. It’s so wonderful to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy nature!

Children like to attend sports clubs and train in the gym. Athletics and gymnastics have great popularity among girls. Boys go in for boxing, football, tennis, and basketball.


4. Read and complete the sentences.

1. People all over the world are fond of..

2. The most popular winter sports are….

3. The most popular summer sports are.

4. Children all over the world like to play games.

5…… have great popularity among girls.

6. Boys go in for…..

Conversation Lab


5. a) Work in pairs. Take turns to ask and answer the questions.


A: Do you play any sports?

B: No, I don’t. I have no free time. What about you?

     A: Yes, I do. I play football. It’s my favourite sport. I also like watching football matches on TV. My favourite football team is «Dynamo».



Your Friend

• Do you play any sports?

• Do you like quiet or noisy games?

• How often do you play games?

• Do you watch sports on TV?

• What sports do you like to watch?



b) Speak in class. Talk about your friend.


I have found out that Ivan plays football. He likes watching football matches on TV. His favourite football team is «Real Madrid».


6. a) Read, complete and write down the sentences. Use the adverbs: slowly, well, hard, quickly, carefully, loudly.

1. Paul rides his bike very……… One day he’ll have an accident.

2. You have to train ……. if you want to win the competition.

3. Rita plays tennis………. One day she’ll be a champion.

4. The children were talking……. The coach asked them to be quiet.

5.  Bill was very tired after his training and he walked home….

6. You have made a lot of mistakes. You must listen to me……

b) Make your own sentences with the adverbs in the list.

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