Англійська мова 6 клас - Несвіт Алла

Unit 4. Sports and Games


Lessons 2-3


1. Look at the pictures and say what sports clubs children can attend in their school.


2. Listen to the boys talking about sports1. Mark the sentences T (True) and F (False).

1. Steve goes in for tennis.

2. Steve joined the sports club last year.

3. Steve trains three days a week.

4. Dan is very busy. He can attend the sports club only at the weekend.

5. Steve invites Dan to a contest in March.

6. Dan can go to watch the contest.

1       See Tapescript on page 221.

Learning Strategies: Email Messages

Email Messages are short messages sent from one person to another over the Internet have a specific purpose: to provide information, share ideas with others or entertain quickly deliver information to one person or to many people at the same time


3.  a) Read Margaret’s email to Graham and say what she reminds him about.

b) Work in pairs. Take turns to ask and answer the questions.

1. Why do the children need to attend the meeting at school?

2. When does the meeting start?

3. Who must be present at the meeting?


4. Your school is organizing a sports competition. Write an email to your friend. In your email:

* inform him / her about the upcoming sporting event;

* ask if your friend would like to take part in it;

* say that you are going to participate in the swimming competition.

Conversation Lab


5.    Read, complete and act out the dialogue.

Alex: Hello, Steve? How are you?


Alex: I’m very tired. Today is my sports day. I go swimming in the morning and then play tennis in the afternoon.


Alex: Oh, really? I like sport a lot, too. My favourite sport is football.

Do you train at the Sports Centre?

Steve: …. .

Alex: Are you in the school basketball team?

Steve: …. .

Alex: I like watching basketball on TV. Do you like watching sport on TV?




6. Read and complete the sentences. Fill in the necessary modal verbs in the questions. Match questions and answers.

1. When …  you ski?

2. Why …..  not you ski two years ago?

3. When …  you go skiing in the mountains?

4. When …  you …….  go skiing in the mountains with your friends?

5. What …  you say about yourself as a skier?

a) I was able to go skiing in the mountains last year.

b) I will be able to go to the mountains with my friends next year.

c) I could ski when I was 7.

d) I cannot say that I am a good skier.

e) Two years ago I couldn’t ski because I lived in a warm country.


7. Read and complete the text. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense form.

 Tom and his schoolmates (1) ….  (to play) a match against a team from another school. They usually (2)…(to play) football, but today

they (3)…. (to play) basketball. Tom (4)…(to like) playing basketball very much. His team usually (5)… (to wear) white T-shirts, but today they (6)…(to wear) yellow T-shirts. Other children from their school (7)…  (to watch) the match. Tom’s team usually (8)… (to win) their matches because they (9) … (to train) a lot. They (10) … (to win) three Cup Finals in the previous three years. They (11 )…(to win) today, too.


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