Англійська мова 6 клас - Несвіт Алла

Unit 4. Sports and Games


Lesson 6.


1.   Match the words with the pictures. Then listen and check.

□    score a goal □ swim 100 metres □ win a cup □ ride a horse □ watch a cricket match □ climb a mountain □ go skiing □ run a race □ play badminton □ meet a sports star


2.  Work in pairs. Ask and answer questions as in the example.


A: Have you ever scored a goal?

B: No, I haven’t.

A: Have you ever ridden a horse?

B: Yes, I have.


3.  Listen, read and act out the dialogue.

Dan: Hey, this looks fun. A sports questionnaire. Jane: Oh, no! Not sport!

Dan: Go on, then. Ask me the questions.

Jane: OK. Have you ever scored a goal?

Dan: Yes, I have. For the school football team!

Jane: Have you ever swum 100 metres?

Dan: Yes, I have. In fact, I’ve swum 200 metres!

Jane: And have you ever won a medal?

Dan: No, I haven’t. And I’ve never won a competition.

Jane: Have you ever climbed a mountain?

Dan: Me? Are you joking? I’ve never climbed a hill.


4. Work in pairs. Do the quiz from Dan’s magazine. Answer short questions and add more information.

A: Have you ever played badminton?

B: Yes, I have.


5. Look at the pictures and say what the athletes or players are doing. Say what other sports or games we can watch and play in these places.


The boys are in the gym. They are doing gymnastics at the moment. They are training hard to be good sportsmen.


6. Read and complete the sentences. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense form.

1………. we…. (to have) a hard game yesterday?

2. The field at this stadium …..  (to be) very good.

3………. you ever….. (to be) to the Sports Palace?

4. What kinds of sport……. the Greeks ..  (to compete) in?

5. The boy looks happy: he ….  (to win) the sports competition.

6. My classmates ….  (to train) in the gym now.

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