Англійська мова 6 клас - Несвіт Алла

Unit 4. Sports and Games


Lesson 7.


1.  Work in pairs. Discuss the statements. Add information.


A: I think it’s hard to become a famous sportsman. You have to train a lot. You must spend lots of hours a day in the gym or at the stadium.

B: In my opinion, it’s very important to have a good coach, too.

1. It’s hard to become a famous sportsman.

2. It’s better to watch sport than do / play it.

3. Sport helps people to make good friends.


2. Listen and read the text. Say why Melanie has become a basketball team member.

Backyard Basketball Superstar

By Monica Klein

Jeremy was the captain1 of the basketball team, the Flyers. This season2 they needed one more player for their team.

Jeremy’s younger sister, Melanie, trained a lot for the tryout3. Soon Jeremy and Melanie were at home.

«I know Melanie, you are tired. I’ll clean your room,» said Jeremy. «Will you?» said Melanie.

«Sure. And since you are so tired, you won’t try out for the Flyers tomorrow.»

 «Don’t worry, Jeremy,» said Melanie. «I’ll play the best at the tryouts.»

The next morning many boys and girls tried out to shoot the ball4 into the basket. All the team members decided that Melanie was the best.

«Welcome to the Flyers, Melanie! You can run fast, jump high and really throw a basketball,» they said.

Jeremy smiled. He was proud of his sister.

1 A captain — капітан (команди).

2 A season — тут: спортивний сезон.

3 A tryout - відбір гравців.

4 To shoot the ball - тут: кидати м’яч.


3. Agree or disagree with the statements below.

1. Jeremy had a younger brother.

2. Melanie wanted to join the basketball team.

3. Melanie was tired after the training and asked Jeremy to clean her room.

4. Jeremy’s sister was the worst player at the tryout.

5. Jeremy welcomed Melanie into his team.

Grammar Lab: Modal Verbs



Can = to be able to so something Must / Have to

Could = was, were able to do


Had to

4. Work in pairs. Read, complete and act out the dialogues.

1. - ……… ?

- I’ll be able to skate with Ben after lunch.

2. - …?

- Oh, yes. I am sure Ann can jump very well.

3 - … ?

- They couldn’t win that game, because they didn’t train well.

4. - ……… ?

- We had to wait for our turn for two hours.


5. Read and complete the sentences. Fill in the modal verbs in the correct tense form. There are positive and negative sentences.

1………. I take part in the contest tomorrow?

2. I  swim a year ago, but now I………..

3. Their son …… walk when he was one year old.

4. You …….  train hard if you want to win the competition.

5. I have broken my leg and…. miss my trainings.

6. They……. go to the basketball competition yesterday.

7. Sue …….  practise a lot. She hasn’t attended the sports club during the last week.


6. Write your own sports story for a school newspaper. Use Ex. 2 as an example.

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