Англійська мова 6 клас - Несвіт Алла

Unit 4. Sports and Games


Lesson 8. Grammar Revision


1.   Work in pairs. Ask your friend:

• what his / her favourite sport is;

• what sport he / she is good at;

• what sport he / she would like to be good at;

• where he / she usually plays sports;

• if he / she likes to watch sports on TV or at the stadium.


2.   Work in pairs. Read and say what the children enjoy doing in these situations.


A: Dan is at the school stadium. What does he enjoy doing there?

B: He enjoys playing football with his friends.

1. The school playground is always full of boys and girls. What do they enjoy doing there?

2. We have got a new stadium in our town. What will the children enjoy doing there?

3. There is a skating rink in the Sports Centre. What do the girls enjoy doing there?

4. Your father is going to attend a football match. What is he going to enjoy doing there?


 3. Look at Shannon’s notes. Make sentences as in the example. Example:

Shannon goes jogging every morning.

to go jogging

every morning

to play tennis

three times a week

to go skiing

once a month in winter

to do gymnastics

twice a week

to go swimming

every weekend in summer


Conversation Lab


4. Read and act out the situation.

You are in the youth camp. Talk about your favourite kind of sport. Say how often you train and where.

Answer your friends’ questions.

 5. Play a mime game.

Pupil A mimes one of the sports. The other pupils must guess and say what kinds of sport he/she goes in for.

Ask pupil A a question to get more information. Pupil A answers this question.

Example: Pupil A mimes boating.

One of the pupils: You go in for boating. How often do you train?

Pupil A: I train three times a week.


6.   Put the words from the list into four categories.

Hockey, tennis, basketball, golf, boating, horse riding, swimming, table tennis, football, skateboarding, athletics, cycling, volleyball, karate, skating, skiing, running, boxing, wrestling.

Water Sports



Ball Games

Other Individual Sports






Think of your records. Decide how well you know it:

4 = very well, 3 = OK, 2 = a little, 1 = needs to improve


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